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Re: Theos-World Did HPB say there is non-physical intelligent life on Venus?

Feb 23, 2009 06:23 PM
by correctberlin

>Frank - you would be amazed how far back in time German language as the 
lingua franca of the ufonauts goes. It was spoken long before Adamski 
came into view. Adamski's aliens by the way did not speak German. You 
have confused one hoaxer with another: it was (in)famous Reinhold 
Schnidt who reported on German language speaking ufonauts in 1957. See 

Theo, it may be that I intermix something over the years. I studied ufo books around 20 years ago and recently the Disclosure Project, which seems valuable.
But after meditating a while I'm quite sure that it was Adamski, at least it was a known contacter. Perhaps Adamski described just one encounter with the German language. I do not know much of Schmidt, so I cannot had him in mind.

I am not quite sure, whether they are hoaxers or not. Even if they and others are hoaxers the fact remains that ufos exists.
People also tell me that Keely's free energy perpetuum mobile machine does not exist, while I have information that in the Third Reich the machines were ready for mass production - energy free of charge for everyone, as predicted by HPB in the Secret Doctrine and I have seen a reconstruction of an early model which was found at the Axe power Japan two years agao with my own eyes.

On the other hand, people believe in things, which does not exist: H5N1 bird fly virus, Aids virus, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and in Obama as man from the people.

Here are some interesting infos, including ufos in Germany from 1918-1939:


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