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C.W. Leadbeater, the greatest occultist-saint of all times

Feb 22, 2009 11:27 PM
by Anand

> So Anand, if you are actually contending that Blavatsky distorted the
> Masters' thoughts and teachings, then please tell me and the rest of
> the readers at Theos-Talk how you know what the REAL teachings of the
> Masters are?????
> How did YOU gain a knowledge of what the real teachings of the
> Masters are and how do you know that Blavatsky distorted the Masters'
> thoughts and teachings???
> What is your REASONING and THINKING which lead to this conclusion of
> yours???
> I would really like to know this and I'm sure other readers on Theos-
> talk would also like to know .....

I think there are many factors that can enable a person to judge the
accuracy of spiritual writings.
Study of spiritual subject, meditation, spiritual development,
intellectual development, unselfishness and other virtues, sacrifices
made for helping the world, higher spiritual development in earlier
lives, help by Masters and their disciples, their guidance, these are
some of the factors that enable a person to discern. 
Anand Gholap

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