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Re: Book Plug for Mind That Abides (about Panpsychism) [rev.]

Feb 22, 2009 12:33 PM
by Leon Maurer


I agree entirely with your view of a divine universe.  And see  
universal consciousness, along with noumenal matter, as being dual  
aspects of the primal or absolute space that underlies all phenomenal  
reality.  Since this "substance of God" or "ontological energy" (as  
you cal it) must be  completely empty of any limiting attributes, and  
thus, formless (i.e. non dimensional) -- it would also have to be  
infinitely forceful or potentially energetic.  I call this potential  
energy its "G-force" or "spinergy"...  Which I can only imagine as  
being in the form of infinite angular velocity (i.e., momentum) or  
non linear spin (abstract motion) on infinite axes of a spherical  
zero-point of unconditioned "absolute space" -- potentially located  
everywhere in configuration (aether) space when the cyclic cosmos  
awakens at its "big Bang (on 3 of its infinite axes). See:

If we follow relativity theory from its fundamental conception --  
since the cosmos must then radiate, simultaneously everywhere, from  
this ubiquitous zero-point "spinergy" that Einstein called the  
"singularity" (later realizing that it must act like a BEC and thus  
was a compaction of infinite zero-point spins) -- the overall metric  
cosmos would initially have to be an electrodynamically harmonic  
series of fractally involved gravitational fields composed of one  
dimensional (1-d) lines (strings) of zero-point G-force... And,  
descending in three iterations through at least 4 phase changes of  
frequency-energy... Starting from relatively near infinite f/E on the  
spiritual plane, and descending to relatively near zero on its lowest  
order physical plane.  The initial cosmic field (1st Logos) would  
begin as a continuously repeating three cycle spiral vortex Mobius- 
Klein loop, like a figure eight within a circle...
<> [Note  
that the (0-d) edges of the ribbon represent the G-force traveling in  
opposite directions, and the total circular diameter could range  
between zero and infinity -- due to the infinite compressibility and  
extensibility of absolute space.]
.... And eventually, by rotating laterally, the 2-D triune circle  
would weave into a 3-D hyperspherical (toroidal) field.  This  
involutional process would continue analogously on each of the the  
inner fields, until the full cosmos is born at the third fractal  
involution or 3rd Logos.

Since the field radiation and involution surrounding every zero-point  
of consciousness on the physical plane would be analogous to the  
initial Cosmic fields -- the velocity of "light" would descend  
geometrically through at last 4 harmonic frequency phase orders on  
the cosmic physical plane -- starting at c^8 (on the physical/ 
spiritual level) and descending to c (on the physical/material level  
-- the sensory experiential world we live in).

In addition -- since the genesis and initial field involution of all  
forms, starting from a zero-point singularity, are analogous and  
corresponding.... Our individual consciousness would be surrounded by  
a triune spiritual-mental field analogous to the 1st Logos of the  
cosmos, and similar to the galaxy, solar system, earth, etc.    
Therefore, our higher order fields (soul or monad) would last as long  
as the corresponding solar or earth fields...  And, our access  
consciousness (perceptive awareness, will, qualia, etc.) would be (on  
those higher order fields at their 3rd log) independent of the  
physical brain-body, lower mind, and senses.

This is obvious -- since all information of consciousness (memory,  
mental, etc.) would be carried as wave interference patterns on ALL  
higher order fields and transmitted between them and the neural  
cellular fields by phase conjugate adaptive resonance.   In addition,  
the short term mental and long term lifetime memory fields on the  
astral level, could also be accessed by consciousness (after brain  
death) for as long as that field takes to dissipate (49 days  
according to the Bardo).  After that, consciousness would still have  
access to the higher order spiritual soul fields -- for at least as  
long as the Earth fields last... It's also important to realize that  
consciousness, being at the origin of all radiant fields, can access  
the information carried by them directly -- without any intermediate  
neural connection. (see explanation on canonizer web site below**)

Thus, indicating the probability of reincarnation in accord with  
one's karma -- as well as explaining the loss of immediate memory of  
one's past life.  In addition, it would also explain all OOB and ND  
experiences -- since consciousness could detach itself from the  
physical mind and memory fields at will when in deep meditation, deep  
sleep, under anesthesia, or when the brain-body suddenly shuts down  
in an NDE.

No other physical/material/neural explanation of these occurrences  
could be as simple and direct.  Therefore, they cannot be illusions  
or self induced hallucinations.  And, everything   the Buddha said  
must be true -- including his professed memories of all his past  
lives, and his statement,"Everything we are is the result of what we  
have thought."

Apparently, then -- the above model is fully in accord with the  
metaphysics of both Buddhism and Taoism (as fully explained  
esoterically in Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine).
Also see:

For a more complete explanation of cosmogenesis and how consciousness  
works, see:


On Thu Jan 29, 2009 5:52 pm ((PST)) "Edgar Owen"  
edgarowen wrote:


Interesting link. Thanks Leon.

In my view the single basic substance of everything is what I call OE
(ontological energy). All the things in the universe are just empty
forms or ripples in this substance which pervades the entire
universe. This OE is both physical reality and consciousness in the
present moment. The best definition of God is the entire universe to
recognize the awesome reality and embedded conscious intelligence of
what is. In that sense the entire universe is divine as it is Buddha  e


On Jan 27, 2009, at 2:33 AM, Leon Maurer wrote:

I thought this information might be interesting to members of this

On Jan 24, 2009, at 1/24/0912:01 AM, yoduuh wrote:

A new book is now in print from John Benjamins in their Advances in
Consciousness Series. David Skrbina is the editor with new
contributions from many familiar names inlcuding the chapter I
promised to give a heads up on months ago about Universal Correlates
of Consciousness (the UNCC). This is a book about contemporary
arguments for Panspychism (the only game in town for solving the
hard problem).

See all the chapters and authors listed at -


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