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Re: Theos-World Maitreya's arrival through music.

Feb 22, 2009 07:22 AM
by Martin

Maitreya aka Jamie Greenslade is one of thoseÂrappers who seem
likeÂthey've been around for ever. He has a success story that most
MC's only dream about.Maitreya
burst on the scene in the summer of 1999-2000 with the singles "Baggy
Trousers" and "The New Outlook" ft. Dave Dobbyn as part of Christchurch
crew Dark Tower. In 2001 he began recording under the guidance of DLT
who then gave him the moniker Maitreya meaning a 'Future Teacher'.
2001-2003 were spent working at Auckland radio station Mai FM and
recording his demo "Comin 2 Amerika" in anticipation of an August 2003
move to New York City. ÂFor
the next two years Maitreya immersed himself in New York's Open Mic
scene and in 2005 he released and sold over 500 copies of 'ILLEGAL
ALIEN', a mixtape style album hosted by The Game's DJ, Kris-Stylez. He
also secured an internship at Roc-a-Fella Records (Jay-Z) as a member
of the 'Street Team' and in 2006 began his own live show, 'ILLEGAL',
which he continues to perform in and around the Lower East Side and
Brooklyn, ÂIn
November of 2006 Maitreya signed up to the online music site and became an immediate sensation. The challenge was to
raise $50,000 from fans on the site to be used to record an album with
top of the line producers and production facilities. Maitreya became
the first Hip Hop artist ever to raise the 50K on June 2nd 2007 and
began recording his debut solo album "Close To Home" in New York and
London with The Silence (UK). ÂMaitreya really comes into his own in his single Waitaha, where he combined the power of Maori vocals with Hip Hop. Waitaha was nominated at the 2008 Silver Scrolls for the APRA Maioha Award for Contemporary Maori Song Writing.Maitreya has just released his second singleÂLotaluv accompanied by a video shot in Mon Kok, Hong Kongâ the most densely populated square mile in the world! 

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Subject: Theos-World Maitreya's arrival through music.
Date: Sunday, February 22, 2009, 3:37 PM

            I am interested in the idea that Maitreya will come to us through music. I have read in some theological writings that Lucifer was gifted with the ability to create beautiful music. I was thinking about this and how Maitreya would show himself to a disfunctioning world and get the kind of response void of ridicule. What If Maitreya was a Musician and proformer (Probably an MC/Poet/Freestyler/ Rapper) and sang songs about a global conspiracy. Maybe he would have the insight of an evolved human and be able to conceptualize matters and relay then to the world with Clarity. What if he proclaims himself Maitreya or the Messiah in one of these songs. My point is that i don't think Obama or someone in politics will be the Messiah even though there is much rhetoric on the subject flying all over the internet. I think he will come from humble surroundings and as Benjamin Creme stated living in obscurity somewhere in London waiting for the time to come

 without infringing on human will. I think now that the 2nd de vinci code is coming out in a month or two and the blockbuster movie 2012 is due for release in November around now would be the perfect time for Maitreya to drop a revolutionary album. The question is how would such an album with so many tabu subjects surrounding it be received by the general you guys feel it could create a stir in conspirital/ new age/theosophical circles???

Comments please


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