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Re: Theos-World TS - A Very Interesting Comment by a GS/GC member

Feb 20, 2009 09:20 PM
by Drpsionic

Why even debate this bleating matter?
Anyway, I heard a good one today.  "The difference between a scientist  and a 
theologian is that the scientist starts with evidence and ends up with  
ideas.  The theologian starts with superstition and ends up with  nonsense."
Chuck the Heretic  (who has to go ruin more good sites. bleat  bleat)
In a message dated 2/20/2009 10:57:16 P.M. Central Standard Time, writes:

There is a very interesting comment coming from the NZ GS, which I  reproduce


"My strong comments actually had  overseas sites in mind, where a few
entrenched and well-known 'activists'  are ruining what were originally  good


Theos-talk and theos-L have been around  for a very long time (they are not
under the control of any organization  and are unmoderated) and have
participants from many parts of the world and  many are members of various
theosophical organization and many are not  attached to any organization.

Anyone who reviews the events since the  start of the last election campaign,
will understand the critical role  these maillists have played. A group of GC
members tried to defeat Radha  Burnier under the pretext that she is sick
both mentally and physically.  Even after three well known physicians from
two continents (and one  physician is a GS and GC member), vouched for the
good health of Radha  Burnier, this important information was not distributed
to the members by  the Section leaders who tried to present her as sick and
thus tried to  defeat her.

Leaders of a Society whose keynote is Brotherhood, are  expected to be keep
other members fully informed of full facts in a  situation such as the
election, and they failed to do it.

Do you  expect members who saw thru this problem to keep silent? No, not  at

Many members around the world who had access to Internet and  the time to
post messages, took a very strong objection to this, as any  real theosophist
should, and posted msgs questioning the actions, perhaps  much to the
surprise and shock of the leaders who are used to have full  control over the
medium of communication with membership.

Soon after  the election, the straw that broke the back of the camel, was the
super  secret attempt by a handful of GC members to quickly disenfranchise
the  members world-wide and usurp the voting power of the membership  (already
the GC has the monopoly of nominations)t

This was  discovered and made public with the help of theos-talk and this
enraged  membership world-wide, because it was seen as an end run when the
attempt  to defeat Radha Burnier failed. Of course the membership saw thru
the whole  episode and no one came out smelling like a rose.

But for the active  members on the maillists, coup would have been fait

and in  my opinion, probably would have struck a near crippling blow to the
future  of TS.

All of us should be grateful for all the members who took an  active interest
in the maillists and special thanks are due to Eldon for  theos-talk and
Anton for providing a mechanism for easy navigation of the  relevant messages
and William Delahunt for distributing many messages  world-wide.



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