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Some members seem to see the truth

Feb 18, 2009 04:36 PM
by MKR

A long-time member recently wrote in another list:

"With the deepest respect allow me to suggest that until members of the
Society get back into main stream society and find out how it works, and how
people work, the Society in XXXXX will flounder."

When you read comments like the above, should anyone wonder why there is
general downward slide of membership world-wide except in India?

In my opinion, the electioneering last year was the lowest point I have seen
in nearly  half a century and I am yet to see positive indications that
matters are improving.

One has to come to this conclusion because of the continued lack of
transparency and the leaders around the world not making a full-scale effort
to keep members informed and the GC apparently divided into two camps which
led to the tie votes and the attempt to sully the reputation of a long time
dedicated member and past General Secretary of a large Section.

It is a pity that a society with lofty ideals has come to this.

But for the Internet maillists such as this, the leaders will be emboldened
to make decisions (in secret) and not in the best interests of members and

Let us all be vigilant and protect the long term interests of TS.


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