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What does it seriously matter whether there is a White Lodge or not?

Feb 17, 2009 09:15 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear friends

My views are:

J. Krishnamurti are clearly not accepting the validity of the Theosophical Society in the below.
In fact he seems to want to Crush it - replacing it with no religious organisations on the planet. All this in accordance with his own views, which if followed merely creates another sect around himself.


Collected Works Vol. 3 1936-1944

Sixth Talk in The Oak Grove

Questioner: Since the Masters founded the Theosophical Society, how can you say that spiritual societies are a hindrance to man's understanding? Or does this not apply to the Theosophical Society?

Krishnamurti: That is what every society, sect, or religious body declares. Roman Catholics have maintained for centuries that they are the direct representatives of the Christ. And other religious sects have similar assertions, only they use different names. Either their teaching is inherently true in itself, and so does not need the support of any authority, however great it is; or, it can stand only because of authority. If it stands on any authority, whether of the Buddha, the Christ, or the Masters, then it has no significance; then it merely becomes the means of exploiting people through their fears. This is constantly happening the world over: the use of authority to coerce people through their fear - which is called love or respect for a particular form of activity - or to found a religious organization. And you who want happiness, security, follow without thought and are exploited. You do not question the whole conception of authority; you submit yourself to authority, to exploitation, thinking that it will lead you to reality, but only greater confusion and misery await you. This question of authority is so subtle that the individual deceives himself by saying that it is his own voluntary choice to submit himself to a particular form of belief or action. Where there is want, there must be fear and the creation of authority with its cruelties and exploitation.

I have repeated this in different words very often. Some have come and told me that they have resigned from this or that organization. Surely that is not the most important thing, though resignation must necessarily follow if there is comprehension. What is important is, why did they join at all? If they can discover the impulse that drives them to join these religious sects, groups, and discern the deep significance of that impulse, then they will themselves abstain from joining any religious organization. If you analyze that urge, you will perceive fundamentally that where there is a promise of security and happiness, the desire for these is so great that it blinds comprehension, discernment; and authority is worshiped as a means to the satisfaction of the many cravings.

Questioner: Are you, or are you not, a member of the Great White Lodge of Adepts and Initiates?

Krishnamurti: Sir, what does it matter? I am afraid this country, and especially this coast, is inundated with this kind of mystery, which is used to exploit people through their credulity and fear. There are so many swamis, both white and brown, who tell you about these things. What does it seriously matter whether there is a White Lodge or not? And who talks or writes about these mysteries except those who, consciously or unconsciously, wish to exploit man in the name of brotherhood, love, and truth? Beware of such people. They have set going incredible and harmful superstitions. Often I have heard people say that they are guided by Masters who send out forces, and so on. Don't you know, cannot you perceive for yourself that you are your own master, that you create your own ignorance, your own sorrow, that no other can by any means free you from suffering, now or ever? If you discern this fundamental fact, truth, law, that you create your own limitation and sorrow, that you yourself help to bring about a system which exploits man ruthlessly, and that out of your own inner demands, fears, and wants are created religious and other organizations for cunning exploitation, then you will no longer encourage or help to create these systems; then authority ceases to have any significant position in life. Then only can man come to his own true fulfillment.

This demands a tremendous self-reliance. But you say, ``We are weak and must be led; we must have nurses.'' Thus, you continue the whole process of superstition and exploitation. If you will discern deeply that ignorance is perpetuating itself through its own action, then there will be a profound change in your relationship to life. But I assure you, this demands a deep comprehension of yourself.

May 10, 1936"


So J. Krishnamurti allows no Gurus, but allows himself to guide the Questioner.
I find that to be a Weird teaching.

M. Sufilight

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