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Adyar Day - February 17

Feb 16, 2009 08:16 PM
by MKR

February 17, is celebrated as the Adyar Day and it is the day when Olcott
passed away. It is also an interesting coincidence that Jiddu Krishnamurti
also passed away on the same day.

Many theosophists fondly remember Adyar and the work that long list of
dedicated self-less theosophists sacrificed their lives and made TS what it
is today. Traditionally, many members send in a contribution to support

I cannot but remind members that with the 2008 election and the accompanying
electioneering and subsequent events, most critical one being the
ultra-secret attempt to disenfranchise members and seize control of the
president, an attempt was made to present the Adyar in a different light as
if it is not that important. By the way, the electioneering combined with
the tie votes in the GC meeting, is evidence of the serious crisis
confronting TS since Coloumb crisis.

Recently one of the members of GC stated that what he saw in Adyar was a
decay - physical and inner. While many GC members went to the December
meeting, no one disclosed what if anything was discussed in the GC meeting
to address the physical and inner decay. (May be they were too busy in the
GC meeting discussing secret issues they do not want to share with us,
ordinary members.)

The buildings are more than 100 years old and it is understandable they need
maintenance and it can be taken care of if funds are raised from members. If
there is a world-wide effort it can be done easily. I even volunteered to be
one of the first to make a small donation. Even now it is not too late to
start a campaign. Tax deductible donations from the USA is very easy. So it
must be in other countries as well.

It is puzzling to  understand what is the "inner decay" at Adyar seen by the
GC member, concurred by some other GC members. We, ordinary members, want to
understand what the inner decay that was seen. Unless one understands the
problem, one will never find solutions. [It is to be noted that TS has shown
vitality in India and has been progressively growing in India, whereas the
growth in outside India has been going south.]

To this day, we have not heard of any elaboration of the allegation of the
inner decay. With the last year's election background of allegation of Radha
Burnier's poor physical and mental health, any allegation of inner decay
without supporting factual substantiation, has to take them with a large
grain of salt no matter from whom the allegation comes from. Theosophists
are too smart  to be blind believers of anyone's statement.

Internet is the strongest ally that TS has in protecting it. Theos-talk, as
an unmoderated (uncensored) communication forum outside the control of any
organization, is the bulwark and many times we may not agree or like the
statements made in the messages. However, every theosophist knows the
critical role it played since the start of the election. Also it is the only
place where one can find reliable, timely, critical and important
information on TS and theosophy which is available no where else.

Let us all keep tuned.



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