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Re: Theos-World Are you talking about channeling?

Feb 16, 2009 04:28 PM
by Augoeides-222


I think you mean me. I did post the following: 

1. That a UFO Experiencer who I closely knew had by agreement became the Receptacle for an other Beingness or Intelligence other than his own. 
2. That Krishna Murti in my opinion indicated the same though most people misunderstood what he meant. 
3. That Blavatsky also told her sister Vera that she also was the receiver into herself of an Agency other than her normal personality: 

>>>About the year 1875 Madame Jelihovsky, who is well known both on account of her own contributions to literature and also as the sister of Madame Blavatsky, heard that H.P.B. had commenced to write in a way that would have been impossible to her a few years before. How she had acquired the knowledge that won the unanimous praise of both the English and American press was beyond all explanation. There were rumors afloat as to "sorcery" being at the root of it, and filled with forebodings and terrors Madame Jelihovsky wrote to her sister, imploring an explanation. (1) She received the following reply: 

"Do not be afraid that I am off my head. All that I can say is that someone positively inspires me -- ... more than this: someone enters me. It is not I who talk and write: it is something within me, my higher and luminous Self, that thinks and writes for me. Do not ask me, my friend, what I experience, because I could not explain it to you clearly. I do not know myself! The one thing I know is that now, when I am about to reach old age, I have become a sort of storehouse of somebody elseâs knowledge... Someone comes and envelops me as a misty cloud and all at once pushes me out of myself, and then I am not "I" any more -- Helena Petrovna Blavatsky -- but someone else. Someone strong and powerful, born in a totally different region of the world; and as to myself it is almost as if I were asleep, or lying by not quite conscious, -- not in my own body but close by, held only by a thread which ties me to it. However, at times I see and hear everything quite clearly: I am perfectly conscious of what my body is saying and doing -- or at least its new possessor. I even understand and remember it all so well that afterwards I can repeat it and even write down his words... At such a time I see awe and fear on the faces of Olcott and others, and follow with interest the way in which he half-pityingly regards them out of my own eyes and t eaches them with my physical tongue. Yet not with my mind but his own, which enwraps my brain like a cloud... Ah, but really I cannot explain everything."<<< 
>>>In the earlier letters of H.P.B. to Madame Jelihovsky the intelligence which has been referred to as "enveloping her body" and using her brain is spoken of as "the Voice" or "Sahib". Only later did she name this, or another "Voice", as "Master". For instance, she writes to Madame Jelihovsky:<BR> 
"I never tell anyone here about my experience with the Voice. When I try to assure them that I have never been in Mongolia, that I do not know either Sanskrit or Hebrew or ancient European languages, they do not believe me. âHow is this,â they say, âyou have never been there, and yet you describe it all so accurately? You do not know the languages and yet you translate straight from the originals!â and so they refuse to believe me. (4) They think that I have some mysterious reasons for secrecy; and besides, it is an awkward thing for me to deny when everyone has heard me discussing various Indian dialects with a lecturer who has spent tw enty yea rs in India. Well, all that I can say is, either they are mad or I am a changeling!"<<< 

In 1977 we had made a hand-out Flyer about this above UFO Experiencer to use to raise funds to pay the costs of flying him to Bolivia for "Quantum Elevation of Mind Nous exp. 8 Gate of the Sun Tiahuanaco". On the front side in large Bold Letters was "The Changeling" and on the back side his Biography and life time-line. He passed away on Jan. 20, 2009. You can read about his experience in this book link at 


I also have encouraged members to find or buy : 

H. P. Blavatsky ---- Tibet and Tulku" by Geoffrey A. Barborka, 1966, 476 Pages 
in this book are explained the answers to man yquestion about the topic now discussed and quiried today. 


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