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Re: Theos-World Krishnamurti on who are you

Feb 15, 2009 12:24 PM
by christinaleestemaker

You asked about knowing theyself and not on occultism.
Since when is knowing theyself occultism, for you maybe, but not for 

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> So I take it, that you disagre with H. P. Blavatsky, the Masters 
and a whole range of Seers from India, Tibet and other countries?
> H. P. Blavatsky is clearly stating, that Occultism is dangerous to 
learn about without a guide.
> Walking the path without learning about occultism is impossible.
> So if you want to call me and others "dullheads," where does it 
leave you, when not listening to those who have experienced the truth 
about it?
> M. Sufilight
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>   Everyone have its own way and don't need a guide for knowing him 
>   herself, only the dullheads need!!!
>   Christina
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>   >
>   > Did you read my previous e-mail?
>   > How can one learn to know one self without being guided and 
>   comparative studying?
>   > Is it safe to promote a psychological revolution inwardly 
without a 
>   guide?
>   > 
>   > 
>   > 1.
>   > J. Krishnamurti said:
>   > "I know that which I am; I know my purpose in life because I am 
>   Life itself without name, without limitation. And because I am 
Life I 
>   would urge you to worship that Life, not in this form that is 
>   Krishnamurti but the Life which dwells in each one of you. Put 
>   all the paraphernalia of beliefs, religions and ceremonies, and 
>   will find the Truth."
>   > (The seventh International Camp of the Order of the Star
>   > held at Ommen, Holland, August 6th, 1928) 
>   > 
>   >
>   jiddu-krishnamurti-let-understanding-be-the-law-07.php
>   > 
>   > 
>   > 2.AN APPRECIATION OF C. W. LEADBEATER By Geoffrey Hodson
>   > 
>   > "As I have elsewhere written, I attended several of the Star 
>   in Holland and was present when there was evidence of remarkable, 
>   brief, supernormal manifestations. On more than one occasion some 
>   thousand people from many parts of the world were gathered at 
>   to hear Krishnamurti. Each evening, all were seated in concentric 
>   circles round a large camp fire. Krishnamurti would arrive, take 
>   place for a time, and then rise and apply a torch to the camp 
>   As the flames arose against the evening sky he would chant a 
>   to the god Agni, and return to his seat. Thereafter he would 
begin to 
>   speak, and on more than one occasion a noticeable change took 
>   in him. His voice altered and his hitherto rather iconoclastic 
>   utterances gave way to a wonderful tenderness of expression and 
>   thought which induced in those present an elevation of 
>   The Talks were followed by prolonged meditative silences. Many of 
>   those present, myself among them, bore testimony to the sense of 
>   divine peace which had descended, to a realization of the 
Presence of 
>   the Lord, and to an assurance that the prophecy had begun to be 
>   fulfilled. These phenomena occurred during some few successive 
>   the events being so marked that Krishnamurti himself there after 
>   changed the Objects of the Order of the Star in the East from, in 
>   effect, "To prepare for the coming of the Lord" to "To serve the 
>   World Teacher now that He is in our midst." I, myself, more than 
>   heard Krishnamurti affirm that the great Teacher was now here and 
>   that the "Coming" had actually occurred. Even now when he is 
>   speaking, with others I discern a spiritual influence emanating 
>   him, as if a great Being were still using him as a vehicle.This, 
>   however, does not constitute a complete fulfillment of the 
>   prophecy."
>   > 
>   (written around 1965)
>   > 
>   > 
>   > A Nobody or Guru or Messiah or partly a Messiah? Unimportant to 
>   Krishnamurti?
>   > 
>   > 
>   > 
>   > M. Sufilight
>   > 
>   > 
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