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Re: Theos-World Krishnamurti on who are you

Feb 15, 2009 11:54 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

So I take it, that you disagre with H. P. Blavatsky, the Masters and a whole range of Seers from India, Tibet and other countries?

H. P. Blavatsky is clearly stating, that Occultism is dangerous to learn about without a guide.
Walking the path without learning about occultism is impossible.
So if you want to call me and others "dullheads," where does it leave you, when not listening to those who have experienced the truth about it?

M. Sufilight

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  Everyone have its own way and don't need a guide for knowing him or 
  herself, only the dullheads need!!!

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  > Did you read my previous e-mail?
  > How can one learn to know one self without being guided and without 
  comparative studying?
  > Is it safe to promote a psychological revolution inwardly without a 
  > 1.
  > J. Krishnamurti said:
  > "I know that which I am; I know my purpose in life because I am 
  Life itself without name, without limitation. And because I am Life I 
  would urge you to worship that Life, not in this form that is 
  Krishnamurti but the Life which dwells in each one of you. Put aside 
  all the paraphernalia of beliefs, religions and ceremonies, and you 
  will find the Truth."
  > (The seventh International Camp of the Order of the Star
  > held at Ommen, Holland, August 6th, 1928) 
  > "As I have elsewhere written, I attended several of the Star Camps 
  in Holland and was present when there was evidence of remarkable, if 
  brief, supernormal manifestations. On more than one occasion some two 
  thousand people from many parts of the world were gathered at Ommen 
  to hear Krishnamurti. Each evening, all were seated in concentric 
  circles round a large camp fire. Krishnamurti would arrive, take his 
  place for a time, and then rise and apply a torch to the camp fire. 
  As the flames arose against the evening sky he would chant a mantram 
  to the god Agni, and return to his seat. Thereafter he would begin to 
  speak, and on more than one occasion a noticeable change took place 
  in him. His voice altered and his hitherto rather iconoclastic 
  utterances gave way to a wonderful tenderness of expression and 
  thought which induced in those present an elevation of consciousness. 
  The Talks were followed by prolonged meditative silences. Many of 
  those present, myself among them, bore testimony to the sense of 
  divine peace which had descended, to a realization of the Presence of 
  the Lord, and to an assurance that the prophecy had begun to be 
  fulfilled. These phenomena occurred during some few successive years, 
  the events being so marked that Krishnamurti himself there after 
  changed the Objects of the Order of the Star in the East from, in 
  effect, "To prepare for the coming of the Lord" to "To serve the 
  World Teacher now that He is in our midst." I, myself, more than once 
  heard Krishnamurti affirm that the great Teacher was now here and 
  that the "Coming" had actually occurred. Even now when he is 
  speaking, with others I discern a spiritual influence emanating from 
  him, as if a great Being were still using him as a vehicle.This, 
  however, does not constitute a complete fulfillment of the original 
  (written around 1965)
  > A Nobody or Guru or Messiah or partly a Messiah? Unimportant to J. 
  > M. Sufilight
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