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Re: Theos-World How can we define consciousness as an essential part of a unified field theory of everything?

Feb 15, 2009 02:08 AM
by Augoeides-222

Thanks as always for your comments and posts. Are you aware that the Link at the top of the page of: " " that takes one to "Hometown" results in announcement that "Hometown has been closed" ? After reading your linked post about the AM Field and Vision perception transformation I clicked the link at the Header for the ABC Theory and got the Hometown has been closed page. 

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Subject: Theos-World How can we define consciousness as an essential part of a unified field theory of everything? 

For purposes of determining a scientific theory of everything -- 
which must include all aspects of total matter-energy, space, 
information, and consciousness (awareness, will qualia, etc.) -- I 
would like to suggest the following definition: 

At the most fundamental level of subjective experience (by all 
sentient beings) -- consciousness is the subjective ability of an 
organism to perceive, and respond appropriately to external stimuli. 

At a higher level of neural and mental development -- in addition to 
those capabilities -- consciousness gains the added ability to 
intentionally access, recall and perceive short and long term memory 
information, in order to consider, integrate, differentiate, and 
combine them into comprehensible thought images, so as to gain 
knowledge and/or to sort, select and determine appropriate responsive 

Phenomenal consciousness, apparently being a continuous (i.e., 
eternal) property of unconditioned absolute space (see Note below**) 
can function (based on its access to memory and/or sensory 
information along with the appropriate neural interconnections) 
attentively, inattentively, overtly, subliminally and/or 
autonomically... Whether in wakeful, sleeping, dreaming, or 
sensorially/responsively-blocked states of awareness and intent 
(e.g., anesthetized, knocked out, brain-nerve damaged, etc.). 

**Note: Since consciousness must be capable of discriminating and 
differentiating between the finest vibrations of radiant energy -- in 
order to allow the perception of the subtlest sensory information 
(such as the smell of a wolf, the hearing of a porpoise, or the sight 
of an eagle, etc.) -- in itself, it must be entirely inert and 

Therefore, it can only be a fundamental quality of the entirely 
unconditioned absolute space underlying all physical spacetime 
(aether) and ALl its ponderable material forms -- whose zero point 
centers of origin ("singularities") are located everywhere in the 
Planck vacuum... (At the centers of all the "virtual particles," 
microleptons or sub quantum ZPE fields -- some of which, on the 
cosmic level, could extend harmonically into the higher frequency 
phase orders of hyperspace surrounding or adjacent to all radiant 
fields of metric space.) 

For an illustrated overview of these possibilities, and an 
explanation of how subjective consciousness might interface with 
objective matter on the level of information -- carried as wave 
interference patterns on radiant electromagnetic fields throughout 
"total space" -- see: 

Beat wishes, 
Leon Maurer 

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