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Re: (WEDconsciousness) Soul

Feb 13, 2009 11:56 AM
by Leon Maurer

I thought this might be of interest to students of theosophy.

On Wed Oct 22, 2008 5:44 am ((PDT)) "rybo6" os_jbug  

Leon, thanks for fixing heart math link.

However, you have yet to clearly explain the five or so differrent
"spaces" you mentioned, and I reposted.

I repeat, I see two generalized types of space

1. occupied ergo physical

Fourth (lowest) frequency phase order space as illustrated on my  
fractal involved field diagram of "Cosmogenesis". See:

This 4th lowest frequency-energy phase order space (at the 3rd Logos)  
is the total *physical* (metric) aspect of Einstein's Space-Time  
Continuum" including its own surrounding hyperspace and Planck vacuum  
(ZPE) fields (that are analogous to the initial cosmogenetic fields).  
Note that ALL initial fractal involved (harmonic) radiant  
electrodynamic fields surrounding EVERY zero-point of absolute space  
in overall metric (aether) space, are analagous and corresponding.

2. non-occupied ergo metaphysical

   "Metric Space"

Is NOT metaphysical... But, refers to visible and and measurable (4th  
world "physical") space time continuum covered by the "standard  
model" of modern physics.  "Metaphysical" refers to the higher order  
hyperspherical (toroidal) fields in hyperspace that are less dense  
and more tenuous (higher frequency phase order) than the physical  
spacetime fields.  See:

   "Absolute Space" -- that underlies the

The unconditioned, timeless, formless, potentially infinitely  
conscious and infinitely material (or mass-energetic) father SPACE --  
that eternally exists whether or not there are conditioned  
universes.  This Space is everywhere, forever undiminishable and  
imperishable...  Or, we might say, "Omnipresent, Omniscient and  
Omnipotent".  It's zero-points are the roots of all individual  
consciousness -- both latent (sub- or un-conscious) or phenomenally  
experiential (wakeful pr dreaming consciousness).

"Aether Space" (Einstein's "total space")

The conditioned aspect of Absolute Space that represents the  
"singularity" or near infinite but still finite spin momentum  
underlying the entire potential mass-energy (G-force) of our physical  
space -- located at every zero-point in the Planck vacuum throughout  
the metaphysical and physical space-time continuum.

This Aether space (as a part of the overall cosmic or mother space)  
-- is the source of every field and form in our lowest order physical  
spacetime universe, both immaterial and material, subtle or gross,  
visible or invisible -- and could be called our (secondary) "mother  

   ultimate "MegaSpace"...

Another name for the the possible infinite universes that could  
involve and evolve from the infinite G-force angular momentum (or  
motion) of Absolute Space -- since this "father space" spins on  
infinite axes, of which only three are needed for each spherical  
manifest universe --such as our spacetime continuum.  Sometimes the  
term is used (without the "ultimate") to describe all the  
metaphysical and physical spaces in the universe... But, I prefer  
"total space" or "Aether".  Although the latter could be misleading  
-- since it refers to the failed MM experiment (that actually  
confirmed "action-at-a-distance" or "entanglement").

As I see it, light doesn't travel "through" the aether, but IS the  
zero-point non linear spin motion of the aether itself -- in linear  
motion through completely stationary absolute space.   See symbolic  
cross-sectional head-on view of spinning polar photon-aether field at:
Note the primal hyperspace fields within fields within fields, inside  
the photon's outer (spherical standing wave) field.

Thus, all hyperspace fields are both within the physical fields of  
metric space (no matter how small) or without (no matter how  
large)... Therefore, each spherical standing wave particle is a  
universe within itself -- as every microcosmic form is also a mirror  
of the macrocosm.  Obviously then, the field structure of everything  
in the universe can be known by analogy and correspondence.

potential spaces

Besides other potential universes... "Potential spaces" are the  
possible spherical hyper-spaces of the overall cosmic space  
(including physical metric space) that are contained in the spin  
momentum singularity located everywhere.

This is the basis of the holographic nature of the universe and  
everything in it -- since all such analogous zero-point generated  
spaces, or radiant energy fields, contain the total structural  
information of the entire formative nature of the universe -- like  
each DNA molecule in every cell contains the entire structural  
information of the body it's connected with, along with the forms of  
all other living/sentient beings.  Vide; The growing fetus that  
passes through the whole evolutionary progression starting from a  
single live cell, and extending through all the kingdoms and species  
of nature.

   (metric space-time) gravitational field circumference.

Every radiant energy field expands from its point source in a series  
of circumferential waves.  The outer edge of the metric aspect of the  
cosmos is the furthest such gravitational wave front of our physical  
universe containing visible quasars or baby universes.  This is the  
metric physical space-time gravitational field circumference, located  
nowhere, at near infinite radius, that we can see (given enough  
magnifying power) from any center of the universe, located everywhere.

The actual invisible higher order hyperspace gravitational field,  
however, could extend to infinite radius -- which would then make  
it's overall space entirely flat.  Although, it curves more and more  
as it approaches closer and closer in toward increasing mass-energy  
densities of spherical forms -- that exist as condensed knots of  
modulated holographic wave interference-patterned, energy field-forms  
on its wave front surface at any radius from its center.  The larger  
the size and the greater the mass of the mass-energy forms, the  
greater the field distortion (bending toward the center of the form)  
and subsequent attraction. (This is a more accurate representation of  
the way gravitational space bends than the rubber blanket and bowling  
ball metaphor used by grammar school physics teachers -- since the  
field lines of force are not separate from the forms themselves. ;-)


Try to imagine (with a mind empty of all other thoughts or  
distractions) infinite points within infinite spherical fields of  
infinite radius -- whose fractal involved radiant fields between zero  
and infinity all are connected with and occupy the same space.  If  
you can twist your finite mind field that far out of sync with our  
physical sensory limited world-- you might comprehend this picture  
I'm try to almost impossibly paint with words along with 2-d and faux  
3-d illustrations alone. ;-)

Your inability to respond to those specifically much less clearly
layout their heirarchy or interrelationships makes me dubious of your

I hope that the responses above might help modify some of your  
dubiousness a bit. ;-)

P.S. For an overall view of cosmogenesis and how consciousness works,  


On Oct 22, 2008, at 1:41 AM, Leon Maurer wrote:

Note that the diagram of the harmonic fields that radiate from the
heart center are fractal involved toroids that can form and fill
overall spherical spaces (as they spin on all three axes).  These
electromagnetic fields are harmonic analogs of all fundamental
metric space and hyperspace fields surrounding every zero point
singularity's that are the source of the quantum particle wave
forms located everywhere in the universe. And, they can extend in
hyperspace as far as the furthest reaches of total space in
diminishing orders of energy and tenuousness -- approaching zero.

All such resonant fields, at various ascending orders of frequency,
can carry information as modulated wave interference patterns on
their surfaces, and are the media of the mental and memory images
of consciousness -- which is a fundamental subjective quality of
all such field's zero-point centers of origin.

These field's numeric parameters also correspond to the symbolic
diagram of fractal involved fields of cosmogenesis I use for my ABC
model.  They also correspond to the Kaluza-Klien space-manifold
system used as the basis of string and M theories.  It's on the
metric physical level of cosmogenesis that the fields surrounding
each cell and organ of the body, such as the heart fields, appear
as metric EM radiation.

The EM field harmonics also are analogous to the higher order chi
energy fields in hyperspace that surround the entire body -- which
links our individual self centered consciousness to the mind and
long term memory fields -- that resonantly (through their major
chakra centers) directly influence the overall neurological EM
fields of the brain, heart, organs, etc.

This resonant linkage of all information carried by harmonic
coenergetic fields at all levels of physical form, is the basis of
the overall holographic nature of the entire universe.  This model
is also reflected in the holographic nature of the DNA molecule --
that replicates in every cell of each self regenerative sentient

Incidentally, I corrected the web site you posted below containing
the illustration of the fractal involved toroidal EM fields
radiating from the heart chakra.

The correct site is:

Best wishes,
Leon Maurer
(Note: the illustrations in this article are being closed out by
the FTP host "" on Oct 31.  If interested, they should
be downloaded before then.)

On Mon Oct 20, 2008 5:53 am ((PDT) wrote:


Figure 12. Maybe at bottom of this page Rybo

...."The heart?s electromagnetic field--by far the most powerful
rhythmic field produced by the human body--not only envelops ever
cell of the body but also extends out in all directions into the
space around us. The cardiac field can be measured several feet away
from the body by sensitive devices. Research conducted at IHM
suggests that the heart?s field is an important carrier of



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