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Re: Theos-World New Krishnamurti Blog

Feb 12, 2009 09:15 PM
by Govert Schuller

Morten: "His only advantage was, that people were told, that HE was the real deal. Using Marketing slogans. "


You made some good and valid observations. The one I do not agree with is the one quoted above. It looks like you don't belief the world teacher project with K was genuine to start with. 

My position is that it was genuine, but it failed. Therefore I think that the very big advantage that K had was that he was genuinely slated to be the World Teacher and had the help of all the logistics that come with such an event. He prepared himself, and had much help from the Masters, for this role, even to the point that arguably the TS itself was founded for that purpose. So he came into embodiment with a dazzling array of skills, insights, commitment and charisma.  He was discovered and received by a team in the TS playing the role of John the Baptist (AB & CWL) and reincarnating with him was a big crew of helpers, who made their way into the TS and/or OSE or came into play later (Nitya, Wood, Hodson, Rajagopal, Rosalind, etc.). Then, at inner levels, there was a genuine collective expectation for an Avatar. Quite an advantqage from that pov. 

When the project failed it was very, very hard for many people to come to terms with that. Even K himself did not come to terms with this and, instead of leaving the stage as he should have done, he redefined and re-calibrated the project on his own terms to still fulfill his own expectations and that of the people around him. 

Apparently, though hard to measure,  the Masters' own critical assesment, as expressed through Scott and Anrias, did not have much of an impact to make people see what had actually happened.  So the true and genuine 'slogans' which were appropriately applicable to K during the 1911-1929 period were later appropriated by himself and others who still genuinley believed that K did not fail. From my pov these slogans have now become indeed hollow marketing devices, which I once thought to be true. 


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  From: Morten Nymann Olesen 
  Sent: Friday, February 13, 2009 10:56 AM
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  My views are:

  But, most Seekers and religious minded persons would find such kind of a teaching dull and and it would not help them much, if at all.
  Of, course, it will help Some Seekers.

  The problem I see is, that J. Krishnamurti's teachings are dis-organised.
  They are with other words very caothic. They form a kind of comprehensive system, but it is a blurred one as far as I can tell. In the TS you will find an organized teaching - seeking the kernal of wisdon within ancient teachings - the theosophical teachings given by HPB and her masters. This teaching would be helpful to know and learn about - at first - before trying to learn anything from J. Krishnamurtis - very own - teachings - which as far as I can tell never appreciates or emphasises the wisdon teachings within ancient religions.

  And J. Krishnamurti disallows Masters-chela teachings. I seems quite clear, that only his own teachings are considered valid. This despite the fact, that great many others have created better formulated ones than his. So I can only credit his teachings somewhere down scale among average teachers.

  We shall know them on their fruits.
  J. Krishnamurtis fruits were not comparable to those of an genuine Avatar and a World teacher. Not more than a great many other wellknown teachers of eastern philosophies.
  His only advantage was, that people were told, that HE was the real deal. Using Marketing slogans. Prove that he was so, he did not. At least, Not according to my view.

  C. W. Leadbeater was for instance just as helpful as J. Krishnamurti was. Or rather just as great an obstacle in letting people be given the understand and the depth of H. P. Blavatsky's teachings being on a even higher level compared with their own clumsy Christian-realated Spritistic ideas or blurred eastern philosophical writings.

  Well, that is just my view.

  M. Sufilight

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  Here is a msg I recd. Some here may be interested.

  Hi Friends

  A Blog dedicated to Jiddu Krishnamurti Teachings and Vision

  Happy Reading

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