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Tie Vote on Ricardo Lindemann

Feb 11, 2009 09:13 AM
by MKR

Tie Vote on Ricardo Lindemann

In the last GC meeting, it is reported there was a tie vote on the
appointment of Ricardo Lindemann to the General Council. Members still do
not know any details such as who are the GC members voted for him and
against him. Any time there is a tie, it shows a strong division among

Ricardo Lindemann is a long-time well-known member of TS and is a former
General Secretary of the Brazilian Section. A vote against him  raises a lot
of questions, especially when there was a tie. What were the strong reasons
for half the members of GC to decide he was unfit for being a GC member?

In the past, everything relating to the proceedings of the GC used to be
kept ultra secret. After the election last year, and subsequent secret
attempt to disenfranchise all of us and seize control of the president, the
veil has been slightly lifted, and thanks to the reports from few of those
who attended.

With the disclosure of the tie vote, a dark cloud is hanging on the
reputation of Lindemann due to lack of information why there was such a
strong opposition to his being appointed to the GC. In all fairness to him,
those who opposed to his appointment should come out and disclose their
reasons for voting as they did. This will also give an opportunity to him to

GC members are the elected leaders of their Sections. They cannot be removed
by the GC. Hence, when they exercise a vote on such an important issue, it
is not unreasonable for the members to expect their leaders to explain the
reasons behind their votes.

In the past, the secrecy surrounding the proceedings of the GC meetings gave
the GC members a convenient cover for their actions in the GC. Recent
election has brought the transparency issue to the forefront. TS is not a
secret organization. Hence GC proceedings are not secret. While we have seen
some crumbs of details coming out with the attached spins, no details have
emerged on the tie vote issue.

Since half the members have felt Lindemann not fit to be on the GC, it is
not unreasonable for general membership to learn who the opposing GC members
are. Members who voted against his candidature should have the guts to stand
up and be counted. Since a cloud is hanging on Lindemann, those who opposed
his appointment have a duty and moral responsibility to disclose their
reasons for the opposition for all of us see and understand.

I hope we will soon get responses. If there is continued silence from GC
members, it will only give rise to speculations which is not going to help
any GC member or TS.


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