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Re: Theos-World The original programme of the theosophical society by HPB 1831

Feb 10, 2009 12:00 PM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

This one?

Here are a few excerpts from an article by HPB from 1890 about objects of the TS.
One aught to read it - very very - carefully in its - totality . Because it aught to be governing the TS today. No revisions seem necessary - except perhaps words like "brotherhood" and other not up-to-date uses of words.

Article by H. P. Blavatsky (august 1890)
"Every one entering the society is supposed to sympathize with the theory of essential brotherhood: a kinship which exists on the plane of the higher self, not on that of the racial, social, and mental dissimilarities and antipathies."

"Observe the third declaration, that only a portion of our fellows occupy themselves with the study of the occult properties of matter and the psychical powers of man. "..."Persons of this temperament cannot be bigots; they chafe under the sectarian yoke, and their hearts warm with sympathy for all who suffer, who groan under social burdens resulting from ignorance, for all of any race, creed, or color, who aspire after knowledge."

"Now as to the third object on our list. Properly speaking, the term "psychical research" should include the whole of the great movement known as modern spiritualism. But the subject is too vast to be dealt with in the closing paragraphs of an article. Suffice it to say that many investigators have been led to discriminate much more closely between the various classes of phenomena, while much has been done to weaken the sentimental, but unphilosophical, superstition which made the "Spirits" of the departed the suffering spectators of the follies and crimes of the living. For details as to the conclusions we have arrived at on this subject, the reader must be referred to "The Key to Theosophy," wherein the question is dealt with at length."

"Only the Masters of the Eastern wisdom can set that foundation, can satisfy at once the intellect and the spirit, can guide Humanity safely through the night to "the dawn of a larger day.""

This is the programe I would encourage people to follow in a TS. After careful reading that is.
And therefore read "The Key to Theosophy" carefully as well so that your teachings do not contradict its content, its core content.


The Objects in 1879 according to TS:

"In 1879, the objectives were restated to include the following points. The Theosophical Society is formed upon the basis of a Universal Brotherhood of Humanity. . . . The Society's plans are declared to be as follows:

  a) To keep alive in man his spiritual intuitions.
  b) To oppose and counteract-after due investigation. and proof of its irrational nature-bigotry in every form.
  c) To promote a feeling of brotherhood among nations.
  d) To seek to obtain knowledge of all the laws of Nature and aid in diffusing it; and especially to encourage the study of those laws least understood by modern people and so termed the Occult Sciences.
  e) To gather for the Society's library and put into written forms correct information on ancient philosophies, etc.
  f) To promote in every practicable way non-sectarian education.
  g) To encourage and assist individual Fellows in self-improvement, intellectual, moral, and spiritual."

  - - -
  Non-sectarian?....hmmm...Really? And the J. Krishnamurti issue?

M. Sufilight

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  Morten , possibly of your interest:
  Also this book has been printed in UK and USA and 
  Signed by HPB 1886 Charter The Dzyan esoteric section was signed in 
  1890 By HPB.1892 by Annie Besant.
  VrGr Christina


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