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Re: Theos-World Re: Some thoughts on NZ GS's feedback on Adyar visit

Feb 09, 2009 04:16 PM
by MKR

Returning to some of the issues the NZ GS had raised, let me share some
more of my thoughts. I would like to preface that it  is coming from an
ordinary member and hence this perspective is to be kept in view.

Building/Physical Decay

Let us take the physical decay. I am glad that the GS noticed  physical
decay. It is not unimportant because the Adyar estate is going to survive
all of us and physical assets need to be taken care of. Adyar was built
brick by brick by donations of a number of dedicated theosophists (most of
them are not fat cats). The reactions of the GC members who saw the physical
decay is of interest to all of us. Was the physical decay discussed in the
GC meeting? Did any formal or informal plan evolved to address the problem?
If so what is the plan? If not, why not?

Members expect their leaders work on the problems when they see them. So
far, we have not heard anything about the need to fix the buildings from any
GC member. One wonders why? Since the deterioration of buildings take place
over a number of years, was it not discovered by the GC members in prior

After all, this is a simple problem which can be fixed with money, if enough
funds are collected from members. I am sure members will respond if an
appeal is made to them for this purpose.

Inner Decay

We need to look into the GS's claim that he saw "inner decay" and this was
shared by many others - all experienced and knowledgeable TS leaders.

Let us first look at the overall situation of the TS. From an objective
measurable point of view, the membership in India has been steadily growing
for last several decades. On the other hand, in most of the countries
outside India, the membership is going south. For example, in the Dutch
Section, it is reported that not a single new lodge has been chartered in
last 50 years.  In South Africa, a first new lodge was chartered in last 58
years. An all time record. The membership in the American Section is where
it was in 1920s. These facts speak for themselves. To most, it looks like a
lot of work that needs to be done by the GSs in their backyard before
addressing problems at Adyar.

If many experienced and knowledgeable TS leaders shared the view that there
is "inner decay", the simple question is when did they notice it and what
did they do about it. Why have they not spoken about it, loud and clear; so
the issue can be addressed by membership around the world? How do they
reconcile the membership growth in India and the pitiful situation outside
India?  Membership also would like to know who these leaders  are? Are any
of them in the camp that moved to disenfranchise all of us and seize control
of the president?

Far Greater Problems

The GS commented that there are far greater problems than the state of the
buildings. Let us all hear of the "greater problems" so that we can put our
heads together in a most transparent way and find solutions to them.

Role of Adyar

It is very important that we understand the organizational setup of TS,
which is rather very unique. Lodges are autonomous, with the only
requirement that they work for the three objects. So are the Sections. It is
this wide autonomy within the framework of three objects that gives a very
strong foundation and it has stood the test of time. Also, to be noted is
that due to the autonomous nature of the Sections, the National Secretaries
cannot be removed from the General Council by its members.

Due to the above autonomy, the President does not and cannot interfere with
the matters of Sections and does gets involved only when there are disputes
between Sections. Anyone who wants to understand the role of the President
in lodge and section matters, can read about it in the Mahatma Letters to AP


Much of the problems that TS is facing today is due to the lack of
transparency at all levels. However uncomfortable or fearful they are about
full transparency of the GC business, it is my request and prayer that all
GC members should vigorously push for transparency because all of us will
come out smelling like a rose.



On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 3:00 PM, Warwick Keys <> wrote:

>   A few comments from Warwick Keys, National President, NZ Section
> I am interested that only one small comment - "decay" - has been focused on
> in this dialogue. The physical decay observed was the least important factor
> in my comments which have been published. It was the inner decay that was
> the real concern and this was commented on much more in my observations.
> This was shared by many others present - all experienced and knowledgeable
> TS leaders.
> Please read my comments in perspective and do not pick out just one or two
> bits that are of lesser importance. Discernment is important.
> There are far greater problems than the state of the buildings.
> Warwick Keys
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