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Some thoughts on NZ GS's feedback on Adyar visit

Feb 08, 2009 08:30 AM
by MKR

Some thoughts on NZ GS's feedback on Adyar visit

We may recall the impressions that the NZ GS got when he visited Adyar in
December. On closer look at the impressions, there are several facts that
need to be taken account of.

Firstly, his stay at Adyar was very short. Secondly, the conditions in India
is so different from the one from which he comes from. Thirdly, we do not
know what his expectations were when he landed in India.

TS in India is very vibrant and healthy and growing as compared to the
decline in the membership in rest of the world. So, the underpinning of the
strength of TS in India is not in the buildings or the opinions of a few
people which may be colored by their own biases. The real strength comes
from the members, and the vibrancy of the lodges, small and big. Not the
buildings or even the individual leaders.

To understand the conditions in India, one has to live and travel the
country for several months to get a good feel of what is really going on in
the TS lodges. One has to live and travel and experience like an average
local citizen. Ernest Wood of the Seven Rays fame, as a young man went to
India and lived like a native Indian and worked in India for several
decades. His first hand account in his book "Is This Theosophy?" is worth
reading for anyone interested in India. (One time this book was very rare
and now one can find it on-line.)

In view of this, any criticisms based on a short stay in Adyar, need to be
taken with a big grain of salt. However, as regards the physical conditions
of the buildings at Adyar and the need for fixing them, it can be taken care
of with money. All we need is to raise some funds for this purpose and use
them for fixing the buildings. I suggest that we start fund raising for this
specific purpose and I will be the first one to make a donation within my

My 0.02.


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