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Reasons why J. Krishnamurti's lies spread in the TS

Feb 06, 2009 11:31 AM
by Anand

After we realized that J. Krishnamurti and Theosophy taught exactly
opposite doctrines, we might ask if these two are so different, why
did wrong idea spread in the TS that they both taught the same.
I will give here few reasons. 
Theosophical Society always had some members who followed J.
Krishnamurti. Posts in Theosophical Society are filled by elections at
different levels. Practically, TS is semi-democratic. Constitution of
the TS, on paper, is democratic, whereas political machinations by
existing ES officers make it autocratic. These two factors make TS a
semi-democratic organization.
Because of this, if a person wants to get elected as the President of
the TS and remain President, he generally tries to get support of both
the groups. i.e. group of true Theosophists and the group of
Krishnamurtians. This being the situation, Presidential candidates try
to make happy both of these groups. How does he do it? He tells to TS
members that what Krishnamurti taught is same as Theosophy and so he
supports both publicly. This way he gets votes from both
Krishnamurtians and Theosophists. These lies serve the purpose of that
Presidential candidate. But members get deluded and they blindly
believe "if President, who is also ES head, is telling that
Krishnamurti's teaching and Theosophy are same, then it might be true.
Following the President and his/her puppet-officers is easier than
opposing them." 
Above mentioned factor played strong role in spreading Krishnamurti's
lies in the TS. In case of Radha Burnier, there was one more strong
factor. Radha herself was deluded and believed that J. Krishnamurti
was messiah. Because of it, members of the TS were deluded for
decades.  From the study of Radha's statements it appears that her
father N. Sri Ram was deluded even before Radha. 

Anand Gholap

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