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There is no religion higher than Truth

Feb 06, 2009 01:59 AM
by Martin


Topic is a statement made by the Theosophical Society back in 1875; let us see what has happened since:

My great cousin Helena von Hahn, part of my family originated from the Vor-Pommern-Mecklenburg area, was made to spread half true knowledge about the occult wisdom from the ages, with the message the other half of the Truth could be found by one's own Intuition.

With the motto to establish a Brotherhood of Humanity, the following occured:

Scientists, scholars, charlatans and preachers where affected by these half Truths and based their exploiting philosophies on them.
A century of desceit followed. a century of fear, war, hatred, ignorance, greed, perversion and torture.
We entered the 21st century now and nothing has changed since; we still live in a similar world of desceit: people are made slaves of a greedy fear mongering system,  with most people working for the weapon-or the pharmaceutical industry with just one goal: obliterate Humanity, make money on illness and let people die in profitable wars when they are to be wasted.

I will add now to the topic the following:

Truth is an illusion, words and/or knowledge can cover the essence of Life, but the One Essence we all come from is only to be lived by the Heart.
There is no Truth above Love, since Love is the Essene-ce of everything, creating at best, destroying when not reflected. 

When not reflected I just typed...imagine a Being from another world arriving here, from a world where there is only Harmonious Love, arriving like a rough piece of gold. Gold needs fire to purify, and Love needs Patience to be purified. What will happen now when this process of Him is finished?
1) He could be a worldteacher and amaze billions of people with 'miracles', teaching them how to live a righteous life etc. But this has already happened so many times; boring to say the least?
2) He could destroy this world and replace it with a better one...
3) He could do both the above, at the same time, which will take Him just about forever...
4) He could suicide himself and swing his saturnfinger around: up yours karma...
5) He could join others like Him and watch the drama, like the "killing fields"...
6) He could live a life like a normal human being and act like he is as stupid as every one else, eventually die in the end and thank Gawd, return to where he came from, and nobody could blame him, since being a human on this planet is what was Naturally meant here in the first place...
7) He could do all the above and play 'the mentally ill'...

I bet 6) is the right way to go...time for coffee and sandwich...


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