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Feb 05, 2009 06:59 PM
by MKR


Speaking for myself, all I have been doing was to post a few messages on the
Internet; trying to highlight, clarify, correct facts or elicit information
on certain issues that are of general concern. Fortunately Internet was of
great help and all it cost me was my time.

In the current situation, as I have indicated before, many are quiet as they
may be fearful of asking uncomfortable questions from the leaders because
they may have to pay a heavy price now or in the near future. Human nature
being the same whether inside or outside TS, I pity those whose hands are
tied for the above reasons.

I could not have done it without the encouragement of many on this list and
outside the list. All this was possible because of theos-talk
setup by Eldon, and greatly helped by Anton's website which made Internet
navigation easy. All my messages were posted with the sole intent to help TS
and theosophy, since I have no plans to hold any office in the future as I
enjoy the freedom of being just an ordinary member.


On 2/5/09, sampsakuukasjarvi <> wrote:
>   William Delahunt and M.K. Ramadoss: I respect very much all your work
> for transparency, dialogue and member rights. I think you have made
> remarkable work which will remain in history.
> My point is that we must protest the Adyar administration, too, if
> the rules of the Society are not followed. This unfairness and even
> illegalness happened in the last GC meeting. Also the Indian Section
> acted illegally as it lengthened its voting time â this event can't
> be denied. My GS wrote that this kind of acting can't be possible in
> the future.
> I won't translate the report of my GS into English, but I can quote
> it more later.
> Of course it is possible that Lindemann was opposed because of other
> reasons. There's a lot of politics on both sides. However, Lindemann
> was elected anyway, so we don't have to speculate about that anymore.
> --- In <>,
> "t_s_theosophist"
> <THEOSOPHIST@...> wrote:
> > Did Madame Kim-Diu have the consensus of the French Section? If so,
> very well.
> I must correct this. Miss Tran-Thi-Kim-Dieu resides in France, but
> she is not the head of the French Section. She is the Chairman of the
> European Federation of the TS. So she doesn't have to have consensus
> from French members.
> Sampsa

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