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Universe-One Verse-United Verse

Feb 05, 2009 02:40 AM
by Martin


It took a few years, but the following made me cry like a baby:

< >

What can I say, this is multimedia the way it can stir the soul and with tears falling on my keypad I dare ask why people still read books?
Put these kind of presentations in any hospital, jail etc. and you'll improve anybody doing time there. Guide the people with knowledge of the soul, they can actually work with and their work WILL bear fruits.These pictures can bring back the Memory we once lost:

I once walked on the Damsquare in Amsterdam and I saw a few people carrying billboards saying: "free hugs", no not "free drugs". 
I went up a man and a woman to hug them and the woman said: "where there is 2 of us, there is always a third". I agreed and while holding them I silently whispered: "and when there is all of us, there is always one verse of divinity", and the 3 of us looked up to the sun, which mildly shone behind the royal palace.

One Verse

The Mighty Poet once took His pencil,
He wrote and wrote, there was no end to it and still
Every verse was complete on Itself He knew,
A world, a Galaxy a tree or a good brew.

Almost a week later He had a look at his workings,
It was finished but he felt something was missing
He wanted to sleep it over but suddenly paralized,
It was Himself that He wanted in there to be realized.

So He learned his Lovely poem by Heart,
And believe me He was really smart
He was born again through His darkest ink,
To guide and guard, all Words to sink.

United They were wondering the Mind,
Reaching the stars, yes They were kind
And now The Poet took his Mighty Disc,
Swirled his words into this world at risc.


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