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Re: Theos-World Re: Joseph and the Astrolodgical key to the SD

Feb 05, 2009 01:50 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>Theosophy uses the method of compare and contrast, which is why the
TS, historically has had objectives which encourage members to do
their own investigating.

Well said, Joe.
And Damodar wrote in hi scirculars around 1880, that each local TS should 
use scientific methods.

Today most theosophists - at least, those I know of - seem to regard 
theosophy as a kind of religion and blind belief.
One day, when I protested against the common destruction of the private 
archives and unique information in Germany and that these must be saved for 
future generations and for research, one official laughed, telling me, that 
we must not do any work, as HPB has been there hundred years ago and she has 
done all work which could be done. There is no more work left over, because 
she was a perfect one.

My demand for archives and research was regarded as an affront against HPB. 
And as I am oppose HPB, I must be a black magician.

So my conclusion is - taking the common pervert, unchangeable convictions of 
the German "elite" serious - that everyone, who burns theosphical books and 
documents, must be a true follower of Blavatsky!!

This is the more funny, as HPB was kind and liberal enough , not to demand 
100%. She demanded only 50 % of the time in the Lodge for the original 
Yet, most of the - female - lodge leaders of the groups I attended, were not 
willing to allow any argument from HPB.
In refering to the Blavatsky Collected Writings one woman leader said, that 
this collection is too big, no one must read it, because no one has a shelf 
long enough for it!

So I am awaiting the day, when the first theosophist is burnt at the stake 
by a theosophical leader because of the crime to interpret HPB esoterically 
and not in dead-letter.
This could then be regarded as a holy ceremony as theosophy states that 
burning flames are cleaning.
Perhaps a new gap in the market: Quick karma deleting for the progress of 



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