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Re: One in Spirit, different in Matter(s), seperated in Ego, joined in Soul (Self)

Feb 04, 2009 02:59 PM
by christinaleestemaker

Pity. I have not had dinner there in te same time!
Why people went mad, they could not see you was out.For your body was 

Anyone with similar  experiences: Yes,I have had one and for years 
ago , also in dinner with my friend that time, and his eyes rolled 
out of his face when he sees lifting me and just in time could catch 
me and hold me .
Vrgr Christina

--- In, Martin <Mvandertak@...> wrote:
> The starseeds
> I always wondered what reason I must have had to show up on this 
planet: there is not a thing that can keep me here. I even joined the 
One Spirit when I was just having dinner at some poxy restaurant and 
the people around me went mad when I left my body. Something happened 
to them; they stunningly stared at me while a friend of mine called 
my name, so I returned.
> Yes I am a starseed and am still waiting for my 'trigger', however 
it was tested several times but not in the adequate circumstances. It 
will happen  soon though...
> Anyone with similar experiences?
> Have a look here:
> < >
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