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Re: Secrete plan in Radha Burnier's head

Feb 04, 2009 10:53 AM
by Anand

HPB did have a special messenger in
> mind who would use the TS as avehicle to accomplish things even beyond
> what had already been accomplished:
> "If the present attempt, in the form of our Society, succeeds better
> than its predecessors have done, then it will be in existence as an
> organized, living and healthy body when the time comes for the effort
> of the XXth century. The general condition of men's minds and hearts
> will have been improved and purified by the spread of its teachings,
> and, as I have said, their prejudices and dogmatic illusions will have
> been, to some extent at least, removed. Not only so, but besides a
> large and accessible literature ready to men's hands, the next impulse
> will find a numerous and united body of people ready to welcome the
> new torch-bearer of Truth. He will find the minds of men prepared for
> his message, a language ready for him in which to clothe the new
> truths he brings, an organization awaiting his arrival, which will
> remove the merely mechanical, material obstacles and difficulties from
> his path. Think how much one, to whom such an opportunity is given,
> could accomplish" (Key, 306-307)
Blavatsky, here, is talking about centennial effort, which is made in
the last quarter of every century. New torch-bearer of HPB was
expected to be the person involved in this centennial effort.
Christ does not teach directly or through disciples in every century.
I am giving here rough idea, though you can find out exact intervals. 
Krishna taught 5000 years back, 2500 years after him Buddha taught,
500 years after Buddha Jesus came. 2000 years after Jesus are passed.
So, after studying the earlier intervals, it appears that Christ's
coming again is very much possible in this century, if we believe he
did not come in 20th century. The point is Christ does not come in
every century.
If somebody says Krishnamurti was HPB's centennial torch-bearer and
also Christ of Besant-Leadbeater, then we will have to assume that
both the functions were performed through one individual J. Krishnamurti. 
But I don't think J. Krishnamurti was any of these. 
JK ditched HPB's Theosophy and also teaching of Jesus Christ as well
as all other Avataras. 
HPB wrote "He (new torch-bearer)  will find the minds of men prepared
for his message, a language ready for him in which to clothe the new
truths he brings" Fact is most of the Theosophists who heard
Krishnamurti were completely puzzled because he taught exactly
opposite of what Theosophy taught. That means Theosophy did not
prepare minds of people. Another thing is Krishnamurti never  used
Theosophical language to teach, which is opposite of what HPB stated.
Thirdly, Blavatsky said he would give "the new truths". In reality, J.
Krishnamurti did not give any new truths. What he did is he rejected
truths given by all other teachers.
This shows that J. Krishnamurti could not become Blavatsky's torch-bearer.
Yes, we need to know who the torch-bearer in 20th century was. Around
that time Geoffrey Hodson was reputed clairvoyant who gave new truths
in Theosophical language. Another possibility is I. K. Taimni, but his
chances are less. 
Third possibility is new torch-bearer delayed his coming for some
reasons and so he might appear in the first quarter of the 21st
century. Or he is already there, but has not made himself known to
others as the torch-bearer.
Anand Gholap

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