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The wisdom of the Lighthouse

Feb 04, 2009 03:38 AM
by Martin

Ok, my last contribution of today about being a simple burning candle in the complicated darkness of this world:

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These schweet little presentations fill us with simple Truth. Being a light to others may help stop the curse of one's own darkness...Isn'it wonderfull we can get rid of our own burden by making other peoples life easier? A little story therefore:

Once upon a time their was a very poor hunchback who was always cast out of every party, meeting or "being together with others". He therefore usually went to dark places to ponder about his miserable life.
One night he slept on a cemetary and woke up by an eerie voice calling his name. "Victor, what are you doing here?", the voice said. "I am thinking about what I did wrong, about the cause and what I can do about it", Victor said.
"What's that on your back?" the voice continued. "Oh, it's a hunch". "I'll take it", the voice said, and to Victors surprise, his burden was taken from him.
He run away and went to the nearest pub to tell everybody about this miracle he found at this courtyard.
The people who used to ridicule him were amazed and discussed the matter intensively.
If that thing can get his troubles away, it can surely help us to fill our bank accounts.
They decided to go and stay at the cemetary as well, just like Victor did.
After a while they where called as well by the voice and also asked what they had on their backs. "Nothing", was the answer. "Then here you all have a hunch", the voice replied.

Deeply ashamed of their wrongdoings against Victor, they went to the pub and apologized.
Victor took it lightly and offered them a pint of Hugo's, since he had found a job at the pub and could afford to pay a few drinks now.
After closing time he decided to go back to the cemetary and have a few words with the strange voice.
It was after 12 that night, a storm had come from the east and lightning was filling the air. The crosses on the graveyard were rattling by every boom from the thunderstorm.
"Are you there?", Victor shouted very loud. "What do you want?", the voice replied.
"I want my hunch back and you take them away from those people." 
The voice replied: "but what for, they deserved it more than you?"
"They have shown me apology and I feel I can live with that hunch then, since I have been accepted, so you can lift their burden as well then".
The voice went silent and the air became clear again. The moon rose from the west and Victor could see there was still light coming from the pub. "Well, I go now", Victor said and when he entered the pub he saw everyone there who apologized earlier, but without a hunchback. "There was a lady here who touched us on our backs in a way our deformations went and she told us what you were about. We now know we should try live our lifes as you have shown us."
Victor was happy and said: "if it where not for you guys, I would still be burdened. You made my days dark but your evil made me light my fire... "



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