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Re: Can there be Life after Death? Are OBE and NDE real?

Feb 03, 2009 11:52 PM
by Leon Maurer

Good questions John.

When we sleep -- and all the normal neural sensory channels are  
turned off or blocked -- our perceptive consciousness becomes aware  
of the information contained in our long term or past life memory  

Since the frequency velocity (possibly as high as "c^4 or c^8) of  
these fields are of a much higher spectrum phase order than the  
normal waking mind/memory field frequencies (at normal light speed  
"c") -- the time constant in such higher order fields of  
consciousness are much shorter than normal time... And the  
holographic image information they carry as wave interference  
patterns is, therefore, highly compressed.

Thus, we can experience an entire lifetime in a few seconds or  
minutes.... Just like I did in my out of body (00B) near death  
experience (NDE).  Also, because our  
consciousnWEDconscious@yahoogroups.comess is free floating and  
uninhibited in sleep, it can jump anywhere it chooses in the memory  
fields. That's probably why most dreams are chaotic and have broken  
continuity...  Unless, we maintain some degree of intentional control  
of our focus of consciousness -- such as in a lucid dreaming state.

I suspect that the reason the life review in the NDE state is so  
neatly continuous, is that the focus on the visual images in ultra  
slow motion (due to the higher frequency of the short term mind  
field) -- apparently triggers a similarly tight continuity of focus  
on the life review -- which occurs at a much faster rate in the even  
higher order long term memory field.  That's probably why my whole  
life could be reviewed in between one stride of the person who first  
ran to rescue me.

BTW, coincidentally, or as karma would have it ;-) -- that person was  
Carey Williams who, about 18 years later, co-wrote the book  
"Reincarnation" with Sylvia Cranston (author of the HPB. biography).   
(I wonder if that's what also triggered her to study esoteric Eastern  
philosophy? ;-)

Hope this answers your questions satisfactorily.

Best regards,

On Sun Feb 1, 2009 8:06 pm ((PST)) wrote:

> Lenny, based on your absolutely complete and full life experience when
> unconscious for a few minutes with your heart attack, can you (and
> hopefully others) maybe comment on my dream experiences based on the
> time factor, since I once read or heard on TV that science says our
> dreams happen in a matter of seconds or minutes.
> Why? Because I constantly have dreams in my sleep that clearly take
> place, in the dreams, during many hours, days, and even weeks of  
> activity.
> Why and how does so much thinking and experiencing in dreams take
> place in such short waking time? On what much more subtle mental plane
> are we on, if we are not on the physical plane, when we are dreaming?
> I most sincerely thank in advance both you, and others who may comment
> on this.
> John DeSantis
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> Economic Success for Humanity:
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> --- In, Leon Maurer <leonmaurer@...> wrote:
>> Some years ago just after arriving at an ongoing party, I had an NDE
>> during what appeared to be a coronary artery blockage heart attack
>> (later diagnosed as an aortal cramp) that caused severe cyanosis (I
>> was told) and unconsciousness that lasted several (3-5) minutes ...
>> Although I was about 15 feet from the nearest person when I collapsed
>> after I felt the severe pain in my chest -- I was able to later
>> describe, in accurate detail, all the people who rushed immediately
>> to my aid and what they said and did during their efforts to revive
>> me... All, from a position up near the ceiling looking down at my own
>> body on the floor.
>> After I revived, and told them exactly what I experienced -- from the
>> moment I felt the pain and realized I was dying, and then saw them
>> rush toward me and attempt resuscitation (since one of them was a
>> student doctor) -- they were all amazed at the accuracy of my report.
>> As proof that this experience was real... I could not have known the
>> identity of the person turning me over, and the one applying chest
>> pressure, or who said what to whom -- since most of the people there
>> were strangers.  At the time, I also experienced a complete life
>> review of every moment since birth, that passed through my mind
>> between one stride of the first person to recognize my condition and
>> rush toward me (in an extremely slower motion than I have ever seen
>> on a movie screen).
>> That slowing of time and the almost instantaneous day to day life
>> review, is proof enough for me to understand that my consciousness
>> had transferred from the lower frequency phase order of the physical
>> plane to the next higher frequency order astral (mind) plane where
>> long term memory and immediate vision and auditory images are
>> resonantly reflected and perceived at a frequency and velocity at
>> least one order greater than ordinary light. Note that very radiant
>> light filed, originating at a point source, would have to carry
>> fractally involved higher order harmonic fields along with it.  See a
>> cross section of the hyperspherical field structure of an oncoming
>> photon:
>> ... And, how all
>> radiant energy fields harmonically propagate as fractal involved 3-d
>> hyperspheres (toroids):
>> I imagine this is similar to what occurs to psychoactive or
>> hallucinogenic drug users when the brain's ordinary sensory
>> information normally flooding our consciousness, is electrochemically
>> inhibited, and awareness rises to the higher order metaphysical
>> experiential levels.  It also would explain altered states of
>> consciousness, such as those experienced in deep meditation, or drug
>> induced.  So, far, none of those experiences can be satisfactorily
>> explained by physical process of the brain.  And, there is no reason
>> to believe that consciousness is a function or epiphenomena of the
>> brain's neural system.
>> Later, this experience, and  further mind experiments trying to solve
>> the hard problems, and also resolve some of the paradoxes and
>> anomalies between quantum and relativity physics, led me to the
>> fractal geometric model of cosmogenesis* that seemed to cover it all.
>> *
>> This theory makes it self evident that higher states of
>> consciousness, like dreams, visions, epiphanies , etc., are real
>> experiences of the information carried (as modulated wave
>> interference patterns) on higher order hyperspace fields... And that
>> our individual self consciousness, as the fundamental quality or
>> aspect of the underlying *static* absolute (0°K) space, is connected
>> with the primal highest order triune (hyperspherical) fields**
>> surrounding each of us -- that do not disappear when the brain-body
>> dies.   Thus, verifying the reality of OOBE and NDE, and explaining
>> all possibilities of psi phenomena, as well as the possibility of
>> both the laws of karma and reincarnation being an interrelated
>> reality. IOW, there is the possibility of "life after death" and
>> ultimate rebirth in a new body that has no accessible memory of its
>> past lives... (That are not a direct part of the new body's
>> hyperspace fields, such as suppressed archetypal memories, etc.).
>> **
>> In addition to all the above, this configuration of multidimensional
>> space time, coupled with the universal laws of electrodynamics, and
>> how all information is carried by such fields within fields within
>> fields, etc., as modulated wave interference patterns -- indicates
>> that the entire universe is a hologram, and that all its information
>> is contained in every zero-point spin momentum (singularity) located
>> everywhere. It also offers a rational basis to explain how perceptive
>> consciousness accesses the information from the brain's sensory image
>> fields as well as the higher order fields of short term mind and long
>> term memory -- and how will, governed by intention or desire, whether
>> attentive or inattentive, can guide, through the brain's neurology,
>> all the most delicate and precise neuromuscular controlled positions
>> of the body.
>> Leon Maurer

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