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Re: Theos-World Re: 4th sub-race

Feb 03, 2009 06:03 PM
by Cass Silva

Thanks for this Govert it has helped a lot.
It states that the Anglo Saxon is the 5th subrace of the seven but that we share this globe with 4th subrace peoples (probably Original Semite, Akkadian-Mongolian (Japanese Malay)
Looking at the 5th Aryan it seems that the first 4 sub races, that is Hindu Egyptian, Arian Semite, Iranian and reached the pinnacle of their particular cycle of civilization and some monads are celtic - at various cycles in their evolution. 
If we are going to say that HPB said we are 5th root Race Aryans then she must be referring to those who have reached mid point Celtic with some monads evolving to 1st sub race Teutonic while others remain between mid point and high point Celtic.
If we are in a minor cycle perhaps we can take clues from the geographical location of 6th and 7th sub races of the 5th RR - viz Austral American and Latin America - one presumes that these monads will remain in those parts of the world.
As Posiedonis went down 11,000 years ago and Blavatsky tells us that major cycles occur ever 16,000 years can we pinpoint a date of the next major cataclysmic cycle?
Please correct any of my misunderstanding

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Govert wrote:

>From the quotes below (the 'dead letter' interpretation) it looks like
we are in Root-race 5 (Aryan), Sub-race 5 (Teutonic). Two quotes from
HPB and one by 'Alpha' reflecting the understanding of a member. This
understanding is also reflected in a little graph by Jinarajadasa,
which some might call the Besant-Leadbeater interpretation, but might
very well be in accordance with HPB. See:
http://users. theosophy/ lessons15. htm
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Frank answers:
Thank you, Govert, for the link to the graph of the Besant-Leadbeater 
interpretation of the doctrine of the races.
>From where to they have the names of the races? From HPB?
>From their "Maha-Chohan" ? Or from the Logos?

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Govert wrote:

If HPB contradicted herself, and if to save her from the charge of
inconsistency by saying that some of her statements were blinds, in
what way are we to reconcile these contradictions? How do we know
what's a blind and what not? And if a contradiction is found and one
of the statements therefore allegedly a blind, does that make the
subject more important?

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Frank answers:

I hope, that HPB contradicted herself, as Europeans still greatest 
metaphysicial - if not theosophist - Hegel says, that a contradiction is 
always the sign of the truth and th enon-contradiction the sign of the 
How do we know? Simply by studying the mystery language.

I don't think that a blind comes always with a contradiction, but I hope 
that HPB used contradictions to make it easier for lay-chelas to understand.


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