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Theos-World Re: 4th sub-race

Feb 03, 2009 10:22 AM
by Govert Schuller

Dear all,

>From the quotes below (the 'dead letter' interpretation) it looks like
we are in Root-race 5 (Aryan), Sub-race 5 (Teutonic). Two quotes from
HPB and one by 'Alpha' reflecting the understanding of a member. This
understanding is also reflected in a little graph by Jinarajadasa,
which some might call the Besant-Leadbeater interpretation, but might
very well be in accordance with HPB. See:

If HPB contradicted herself, and if to save her from the charge of
inconsistency by saying that some of her statements were blinds, in
what way are we to reconcile these contradictions? How do we know
what's a blind and what not? And if a contradiction is found and one
of the statements therefore allegedly a blind, does that make the
subject more important? Or is it possible that HPB was not able to
keep her globes, rounds, root races, sub-races, etc. straight because
of the complexity of the matter and made occasional mistakes and
Theosophists upon finding contradictions, would jump to the conclusion
that a blind was involved, even while it might have been a mistake.
Or, as anti-metaphysical commentators might charge, HPB's fantasies
became too complex for her own mind and she was not able to keep her
story consistent. Just thinking aloud.  

"I propose to show therefore, in my next, that as we are still only in
the 5th subrace of the Parent race, and none of us shall live to see
the 7th?when things shall mend naturally?that it is just as well not
to hang our hopes on science, whether orthodox or semi-heretical."
(BCW VII, 70)

"At the close of every Root-Race there comes a cataclysm, in turn by
fire or water. Immediately after the "Fall into generation" the dross
of the third Root-Race?those who fell into sensuality by falling off
from the teaching of the Divine Instructors?were destroyed, after
which the Fourth Root-Race originated, at the end of which took place
the last Deluge." (BCW IX, 81)

"Since the life-wave reached globe D in this fourth round, four
root-races have run their course upon it, and the fifth root-race has
reached its fifth subdivision or sub-race, of which we are part. This
fifth sub-race is said to be preparing in America for transition or
transformation into the sixth sub-race: it is not entirely clear
whether we in the United States today belong to the seventh
family-race of the fifth sub-race, or to the first family race of the
sixth sub-race. It seems certain that we are near the transition
point, unless there must be an intervening pralayic period." (ALPHA,
Path, December, 1892)

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