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Re: Theos-World Re: Secrete plan in Radha Burnier's head

Feb 03, 2009 01:14 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Anand wrote:
>Theosophical Society, under Annie Besant, and with it's pure
Theosophy, was a huge success because that time Krishnamurti had not
distorted teachings in TS.

Besant brought merely exoteric distortions and second-hand Theosophy, while 
Blavatsky brought first-hand Theosophy.
Besant and Leadbeater taught that we are preparing for the 5th sub-race, 
while the 4th sub-race, which they believed are the German, is soon dying 

This could be the pseudo-theosophical rationale for Besant to drum for war 
against Germany in The Theosophist in the very smear words the Masons used 
in 1870 and repeated in 1889 in Paris, as published by Karl Heise, co-worker 
of Steiner.

But true Theosophy teaches that we are before the middle point of the 4th 

Could it be that Besant's and Leadbeater's wrong calculation of the races 
and sub-races led them to racism against innocent Germans?
Members with German origin or German sounding names were persecuted by them 
under their Antigermanism hype.

Individuals persecuted for the only reason that they belong to a wrong race. 
Is that Anand's "pure Theosophy"?



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