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Re: [Zen] Death and the Bardo

Feb 01, 2009 07:52 PM
by Leon Maurer

Rybo, You cannot know any of that for a fact, or from personal  
experience...  And referencing Bucky Fuller is no authority with  
respect to this topic.

There is no such thing as "supernatural"

And "metaphysical" does not mean "mystical" or "magical" (in the  
ordinary sense) -- but refers solely to the higher frequency/energy  
phase order coenergetic fields in non material, yet "physical"  

All processes of consciousness and mind are perfectly natural  
occurrences that cannot violate any of the fundamental cyclic based  
laws of electrodynamics, harmonics, and information storage and  
transfer through ALL fractal involved hyperspherical fields of  
metaphysical and physical spacetime...

Since its perfectly obvious to me (through personal experience and  
mind experiments coupled with hyperspherical geometric logic) -- that;

(1) Individual consciousness (awareness, will, qualia, perception,  
intention, etc.) is located at an unconditioned (static) zero point  
of (timeless and dimensionless) absolute space  -- that is outside of  
all multidimensional space and time.

(2) This ground (absolute) space substance has *infinite* potential  
energy in the form of angular spin momentum (primal G-force).

(3) The basis of both metaphysical and physical spacetime is the  
finite singularity of that G-force prior to the initial radiation  
and  expansion of the universal gravitational field and its  
subsequent fractal involutions and evolutions.

(4) Physical/material spacetime originates from the near infinite  
(yet finite) "singularity" after the third iteration of the initial  
cosmogenesis  fractal involved coenergetic (resonant) hyperspherical  
energy fields.

(5) Individual consciousness is linked directly to the spin-momentum  
origin of the triune monad or soul (rational mind, intuitive memory,  
spirit) in higher order physical (non material) hyper space.

(6) Everything is conscious in one degree or another, and individual  
consciousness is entangled with the remote consciousness of every  
cell in the body -- which also have their own mind-memory fields.   
Cellular memory is essential for skilled musicians, athletes, etc.

(7) All fields of consciousness interpenetrate each other... And the  
universe (and everything in it) is a hologram. -- with all its  
constructive and memory information contained in every zero point  
singularity, carried on the surface of all radiant fields as  
modulated wave interference patterns, and transmitted between fields  
by phase conjugate adaptive resonance.

There are no exceptions to these rules... And ALL phenomenal in the  
universe is governed by the fundamental cyclic laws of  
electrodynamics and harmonics rooted in original spin momentum.

Thus, there are three interconnected fundamental aspects underlying  
phenomenal reality -- (A) consciousness, (B) matter, and (C)  
information -- plus absolute space... The unconditioned ground and  
source of ALL.

(More comments below)

On Jan 31, 2009, at 1/31/091:23 PM, wrote:

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> Leon, "metaphysical" explanations are not the answer.

They certainly are -- at least partially -- to all questions of  
consciousness and mind-memory.
> At best, supernatural would be a word to explain some extraodinary
> phenomena.

As said, there is no such thing as supernatural.  And ALL  
"extraordinary phenomena" are subject to the fundamental laws of  
nature -- which apply uniformly through all levels of physical and  
metaphysical spacetime.  No exceptions.
> Rain man and other idiot savant types may have supernatural / extra-
> ordinary physical abilities, is not "metaphysical".

Their extra-ordinary abilities are simply the direct access to the  
higher order (metaphysical) past life or cosmic memory fields -- due  
to the failure of certain electrochemical blocking mechanisms of the  
brain, that also allow normal reasoning processes.

Imagine the trouble you might have, in thinking straight, with your  
mind filled with constant bombardments of visual information -- that  
is absolutely useless in carrying out normal thought processes or  
responses to sensory information.  That is why some such savants  
claim to actually see strings of numbers and other information as if  
they were seeing them through someone-else's eyes.

There are a number of "hyperspace field" explanations for this --  
such as accessing past life memories, or telepathic connections with  
ancients or others who actually read advanced mathematical books,  
etc.   Who knows what was known before the burning of the Alexandria  
library? ;-)  And, if anyone read the books there, who's to know  
whether it was not in one of the the past lives of the idiot savant?

The same thing goes, BTW, for child prodigies, or ordinary people  
born with abnormal or "special talents" -- including psychic abilities.

Nothing mysterious or supernatural in any of that.

> Any "hyper-space fields", at best, will be associations with
> gravities 2D flatten geodesic tubes.

That's about as meaningless as saying the "Internet is a series of  
pipes" ';-)
> The 4 circular equaltorial planes of the cubo-octah edron, are the
> closet geometric explanation of 2D holographic scenarios, that we
> know to exist, at least in pure metaphysics of mathematics.

And, what does that have to do with OBE's, consciousness or  
"holographic scenarios"?
So that's no explanation of anything.

Holographic information can only be carried as modulated wave  
interference patterns on the surfaces of any higher frequency  
electromagnetic field, magnetically receptive crystal layers, or  
electrochemically receptive photographic films.  Such information can  
only be retrieved holographically by a coherent "white" radiation at  
the same frequency order of the original image carrying field... And,  
its perfectly obvious that every radiant information field must be of  
a substantially higher frequency phase order than the highest  
frequency information it carries.

Trying to explain such processes by intersecting solid or planar  
geometry is an exercise in futility.

The only solid geometry that fits the fractal involved fields of  
total spacetime is the 6n hex-octahedron and their tetrahedral voids

(Note the connections between light and dark matter/energy, and  
between the higher order seven point-centered fractal fields -- with  
each field surrounding a potential 6n hex-octahedron, ad infinitum.)

This fractal geometry of everything and the fundamental  
hyperspherical nature of all radiant energy fields is the a priori  
basis of the near infinitely hyperdimensional holographic Cosmos, and  
the analogously hyperdimensional and holographic lower order physical  
universe --  that appears phenomenally (from its singularity) at the  
big bang, after breaking of symmetry on its lower order ponderable  
material plane.
> The zero-volume tetrahedron above will be the closet you will ever
> come to 0k temperature.

How can a solid geometrical object have any relationship to  
temperature or thermodynamics?

0°K simply refers to absolute zero motion... And is the temperature  
at the absolutely static zero-point, everywhere.  That is what  
enables consciousness to detect and experience the finest vibrational  
patterns on the highest order fields of mind and memory... The  
highest one being the spiritual field closest to the frequency of the  
cosmic singularity.  Thus -- accounting for all altered states of  
consciousness -- up to absolute samadhi meditation... (Where one's  
individual consciousness can become united with cosmic consciousness).
> Fuller shows, conceptually speaking, dynamic spin, accounts for 720
> degrees --ergo one tetrahedron-- of surface area gain.
> See following link.
> The question for me, is whether this 720 degrees of surface gain,
> will match the surface gain ration between the 4 planes of the cubo-
> octahedron when going from hexagon to20conceptually spun circle.
> 4 * pi * r^2 = surface area of sphere and those 4 Great Circle Planes.

How does any of the above have any relationship to the topic under  
discussion?  Fuller only pictures and describes the 2d linear  
structural surface characteristics of spherical fields, and their  
tetrahedral inner structure -- based on ponderable *material* forms  

In actual reality the insides of any such radiant energy spheres,  
rooted in absolute space, can only be an infinite series of  
progressively smaller spherical surfaces fractally involving down to  
their common zero point centers of origin.  Each fractal inner fields  
surface is a "membrane" at progressively higher order frequencies as  
they descend down toward their zero-point centers.  This is also  
analogous to the initial 7, 14, etc, internal field structure of the  
entire cosmos as well as inside every black hole, galaxy, star,  
particle, etc.

See cross section diagram of a spherically polarized photon particle:

This is simply another proof of the hyperspherical holographic nature  
of all reality, and the harmonic electrodynamics that is necessary  
for the storage and transmission of structural as well as  
consciousness information.  Fuller may have known this unity of all  
fields, but he could not, like Einstein, prove it using conventional  
reductive physical mathematics, or by contradicting the materialist  
basis of conventional science that Fuller rests all his structural  
mechanics on.

The true nature of fundamental reality can only be known by direct  
experience and deductive reasoning based on the cyclic laws inherent  
in fundamental circular spin -- which is "empty" of all form or  
linear directional dimensions.

I can't imagine any other clear and unequivocal explanation for the  
mechanisms of consciousness and mind leading to OOB, NDE or any other  
psychic experiences.... and, so far, science hasn't even come close.

Leon Maurer
ABC model of spacetime and consciousness explained:
> Rybo
> On Jan 30, 2009, at 1:22 AM, Leon Maurer wrote:
>> So, far, none of those experiences can be satisfactorily explained
>> by physical process of the brain. And, there is no reason to
>> believe that consciousness is a function or epiphenomena of the
>> brain's neural system.
>> This theory makes it self evident that higher states of
>> consciousness, like dreams, visions, epiphanies , etc., are real
>> experiences of the in formation carried (as modulated wave
>> interference patterns) on higher order hyperspace fields... And
>> that our individual self consciousness, as the fundamental quality
>> or aspect of the underlying *static* absolute (0°K) space, is
>> connected with the primal highest order triune (hyperspherical)
>> fields** surrounding each of us -- that do not disappear when the
>> brain-body dies. Thus, verifying the reality of OOBE and NDE, and
>> explaining all possibilities of psi phenomena, as well as the
>> possibility of both the laws of karma and reincarnation being an
>> interrelated reality. IOW, there is the possibility of "life after
>> death" and ultimate rebirth in a new body that has no accessible
>> memory of its past lives... (That are not a direct part of the new
>> body's hyperspace fields, such as suppressed archetypal memories,
>> etc.).
>> **
> ol.jpg
>> In addition to all the above, this configuration of
>> multidimensional space time, coupled with the universal laws of
>> electrodynamics, and how all information is carried by such fields
>> within fields within fields, etc., as modulated wave interference
>> patterns -- indicates that the entire universe is a hologram, and
>> that all its information is contained in every zero-point spin
>> momentum (singularity) located everywhere. It also offers a
>> rational basis to explain how perceptive consciousness accesses the
>> information from the brain's sensory image fields as well as the
>> higher order fields of short term mind and long term memory -- and
>> how will, governed by intention or desire, whether attentive or
>> inattentive, can guide, through the brain's neurology, all the most
>> delicate and precise neuromuscular controlled positions of the body.
>> Leon Maurer
>> On Thu Jan 29, 2009 11:01 am ((PST)) ""
>> yanniru wrote:
>>> Actually another Edgar, Edgar?Mitchell
>>> got objective evidence for OBE
>>> and published it in the Proc. IEEE.
>>> The CIA, who I once had contracts for
>>> did OBE studies as well but its still secret.
>>> They released their Remote Sensing work.
>>> So the OBEs studies may be released
>>> sometime in the future.
>>> I have never had one, but=2
> 0encountered many
>>> at the Esalen Inst in CA who did and one
>>> was able to verify or objectify her experience.
>>> NDEs will be explained by you in the same way.
>>> But they are more easily objectified.
>>> Yanniru
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