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Re: Secrete plan in Radha Burnier's head

Jan 31, 2009 07:54 PM
by Anand

--- In, "Anand" <AnandGholap@...> wrote:
> There is one secrete plan in Radha Burnier's head. Most members in
> Theosophical Society are not aware of it. 
> Radha had intentionally been promoting many Krishnamurtian's to high
> posts in last many years. She made many Theosophists to study and
> preach J. Krishnamurti's teaching in TS. As Radha had been head of the
> Esoteric School and also the President, many of these Theosophists
> believed in her advice of studying and spreading Krishnamurti's
> teaching.  These Theosophists did not suspect plan in Radha's head,
> and innocently did what she wanted them to do.  Those Theosophists who
> were earlier studying Blavatsky's and Leadbeater's teaching
> considerably gave up reading and spreading teaching of these
> Theosophists. I am told by reliable sources that even in Esoteric
> School, Theosophy is not being given importance, and J. Krishnamurti's
> teaching is being promoted. 
> P. Krishna, a hardcore Krishnamurtian is being promoted in TS. 
> This secrete plan has been there in Radha's head for many years,
> though nobody noticed it. 
> Members of the TS are hereby warned about danger that lies ahead. If
> members are careful and if they make determined efforts to throw out
> teaching of J. Krishnamurti, they will be able to save the TS and 
> will be able to work for the mission of spreading true Theosophy.
> Best wishes.
> Anand Gholap

It should also be noted that John Algeo-Betty Bland party is more
deluded than Radha Burnier.


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