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Re: Theos-World Re: P. Krishna is one of the biggest threats to the Theosophical Society

Jan 30, 2009 07:25 PM
by MKR

I feel that THE biggest threat to TS still is the attempted secret
disenfranchisement of our votes and thus seizing the control of the
appointment (which is disguised as election) by the group of GC members
after their candidate was defeated in the world-wide election.

The threat still has not gone away. (We are still in the dark as to what is
going on behind scenes. Once bitten twice shy, as the saying goes.We have to
be vigilant and alert.)

Only by members world-wide pushing for more and more transparency at all
levels of administration, can the TS be protected from the next assault on
our voting rights. Once you lose your rights, it is going to be irrevocable.

Lack of transparency provides a lot of opportunities to chip away the rights
of dues paying members under the guise of progress, new vision, moving
forward etc., and all such slogans just hypnotize unsuspecting altruistic

MKR  [?][?][?][?]

On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 9:12 PM, Anand <> wrote:

>   I strongly feel that J. Krishnamurti was used by anti-Christ and I
> don't want Theosophical Society to become instrument of anti-Christ.
> Although there are some good qualities in Radha Burnier, she does not
> understand that J. Krishnamurti's teaching is not a teaching from the
> Christ. On this point Radha Burnier is deluded.
> Another thing is P. Krishna is close relative of Radha Burnier.
> N. Sri Ram was President of the TS for many terms. After him her
> daughter Radha Burnier became the President of the TS for many terms.
> And now she wants her close relative P. Krishna to run the TS. This
> desire to keep control of TS in one family is not good for the TS.
> Leadership of the TS must go to persons depending upon his merit,
> spiritual development and understanding of Theosophy and work for it.
> But situation in last fifty years suggests that leadership is being
> kept in one family.
> Wise people know that TS is pseudo-democracy. John Algeo is worse
> than Radha Burnier, and so I did not support him. But I am also
> worried because of Radha's promotion of J. Krishnamurti in TS, as J.
> Krishnamurti was used by anti-Christ.
> Best
> Anand Gholap
> --- In <>, "Anand"
> <AnandGholap@...> wrote:
> >
> > In the Adyar Convention 2008 speech given by Radha Burnier, one can
> > notice that one person's name was mentioned most. He is P. Krishna.
> > Attempts are being made by Radha Burnier to give him greater control
> > in TS.
> > This P. Krishna is one of the leaders in Krishnamurti Foundation. This
> > person is largely responsible for introducing false doctrine of J.
> > Krishnamurti into Theosophical Society. If members of the TS want TS
> > to survive in future, they must preach Theosophy and not false
> > doctrine of J. Krishnamurti. If Theosophical Society forgets what
> > Theosophy is and starts spreading wrong ideas of J. Krishnamurti, it
> > can become Theosophical Society without Theosophy.
> > Some members are showing concern about future of the TS. And I thought
> > it my duty to inform TS officers and members about the dangers which
> > they can notice and avoid.
> > Don't let this P. Krishna rise in TS hierarchy.
> >
> > Anand Gholap
> >

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