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P. Krishna is one of the biggest threats to the Theosophical Society

Jan 30, 2009 02:45 PM
by Anand

In the Adyar Convention 2008 speech given by Radha Burnier, one can
notice that one person's name was mentioned most. He is P. Krishna.
Attempts are being made by Radha Burnier to give him greater control
in TS.
This P. Krishna is one of the leaders in Krishnamurti Foundation. This
person is largely responsible for introducing false doctrine of J.
Krishnamurti into Theosophical Society. If members of the TS want TS
to survive in future, they must preach Theosophy and not false
doctrine of J. Krishnamurti. If Theosophical Society forgets what
Theosophy is and starts spreading wrong ideas of J. Krishnamurti, it
can become Theosophical Society without Theosophy.
Some members are showing concern about future of the TS. And I thought
it my duty to inform TS officers and members about the dangers which
they can notice and avoid.
Don't let this P. Krishna rise in TS hierarchy. 

Anand Gholap

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