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The Magnetar

Jan 29, 2009 09:37 AM
by Martin

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Neutronstars of only 20km in diameter do their job in rebalancing the Macro-cosmos just like peace of mind from the pineal glant does that to our own microcosmos. Isn't the tuning of our instrument not very well organised?
I use to call our bodies here on Earth our spacesuit, we get one on any world we arrive, be it a star, moon or a planet. But how foolish of us to identify ourselves with that spacesuit?
We didn't make it, we got it because other living beings wove them for us and prepared them for the task we had at hand: Experience. 
Experience yes, since that is the only thing we can take with us at the time our instrument fails us forgood.
So why bother about the temporary, the hairdo, the money we make, the place we own or our cars which need a cleanjob? NONE can be taken with us...We are fools to think we can have Nature work for us and not returning one jota.
What is it then we can return to Nature we may ask?
To become thought, words and actions and above all in LOVE.
Love drives our glants to restore whatever is wrong with us, being the crystals of the Lotus in the lot of us...the Lotus, the flower, our instrument is. The magnetars of Alaya, always balancing our true Nature in everything that exsists...



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