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Do I still want to live...? All is Music part 2

Jan 29, 2009 02:42 AM
by Martin

Hi folks,

some reflections on Life as it has shown Itself to me:
Buddhism has shown me life is just suffering and so far yes it has shown me suffering in extremes, however since I have contemplated life in myself without suffering I can't support Buddhism in this area of philosophy.
Life is also enjoyment! How come the Buddha DID smile when a question was asked him about the essence of Life and he got a flower to emphasize this question?
Real Life is eternal and not limited to this planet; it is even beyond the scope of the Buddha himself. Being human is temporary, but being a Buddha as well. We grow in eternity and there is no end to Life, since the One Will creates and has created infinite ways of living.
The One Will we are all part in, we are all caused from to exsist. Caused by an unknown force best described as 'Universal Love'; this Love is the driving Force which wants us to comprehend, understand and confirm in creating our 'own lifes'.
It wants us to reflect in our little microcosm, what is reflected in the great wide open: the music of the spheres...
So there we are, looking for harmony between our microcosm and the macrocosm by fiddling our way around in Life. Yes fiddling, for one day we will have to lead an Orchestra of Light and join our reflections with those already maintained by the Buddha's of Compassion, the Avatars of Universal Love and the Origin of Life...

My studio is being rebuild at the time, and I am filling it with the best instruments available, have a look here:

Music however is the result of harmonious living according the Law (s) of nature, no harmony when suffering life, no Love when at war. No mercy either when changing the course of a musical piece, pitching up and down the chords of Beauty, however after the glooming glamourous tune of the Self, swirling her own harmony and assimilated into the eternal Void of the Cosmic Will, one will understand and enjoy the accumilating effect Universal Love has on seperateness: It wants to relate, and it is this relating which will make us One again, One but not the same, since the truth of All is always running forward into eternity, taking us to unlimited heights...


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