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Jan 28, 2009 10:19 PM
by Drpsionic

Whatever sins can be claimed of Doss, lack of integrity has never been one  
of them.
Chuck the Bleating Heretic
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Concerned Member <amusedwiththis@amu> wrote:
>  Dearest M K Ramadoss and William Delahunt, 
> I must say, that  you both have become very Adept
> at beating a dead horse. You have  Mastered the Art of transmuting a 
recognizable thought form into an  indistinguishable pulp. Congratulations, I tip me 
hat to ye.
>  What dose it matter if members get a vote, or if the General Secretaries  
> their respective sections vote in good faith for their membership?  The 
> will be the same. India will extend their voting deadline,  for whoever is 
on their side: solicit votes in favor of the incumbant, and  after the Phantom
> Ballots are counted; are burned; to avoid the gaze  of earthly eyes. The 
physical plane is the only plane one can truly do evil.  
> Smoke and Mirrors;
> that is Radha and her current  administration is, Smoke and Mirrors. They 
> adept at running their  little 240 acre compound. The International Section 
is a much bigger place,  not under their thumb. Change is in the wind, YES WE
> CAN. 
> Notice the We Can. Not the I can do what ever I want in Radha's Mind  and 
imperial autocratic rule. Does she rule with an iron glove? Does she have  a 
flogging rack, where she utters the words, GET OUT somewhere hid in the  weeds 
of Adyar? She and her crones
> are reminiscent of the Roman  Catholic Church, er, how do the song lyrics 
go for
> Death Cab for  Cutie, oh yes, now I remember, under vicious roman rule, I 
had my
>  knuckles bruised by a lady in black who said, son, fear is the heart of 
god,  so I never
> went back. What happens when the smoke clears? Will the  Lords of Karma 
> look the other way? Just because Radha and her  lot in all their arrogant 
self righteous glory, rank with
> clandestine  activities; that smack of subterfuge; because they are 
currently getting away  with it and think they
> can does not mean they are exempt from such  prying eyes. The Great Law 
> without compassion or remorse; it is  as unyielding as the law of gravity. 
> In
> that one  short sentence SHE UTTERED, the other side is less evolved than 
my side, Radha  has
> said that SHE IS BETTER than half of the members of the  Theosophical 
> that is, anyone who voted for John Algeo, or  maybe she really means 
everyone? What do you think? Should we open this up for  debate? Is SHE a leader 
whose example we want to follow? Is HERS an  administration we
> want to support? Is this something you will let  stand? Or will you 
continue to
> beat the dead horse while wearing its  blinders, oblivious to the truth, 
and deaf to the melancholy song being sung  at
> Adyar? 
> BTW - Usually the finger pointers have  much to hide, since they do all the
> pointing and consistently shift  the spotlight away from their own 
activities. What
> skeletons are in  your closet I wonder? Are you willing to be as 
transparent as you urge
>  everyone else to be? 
> An Amused CM
>  ____________  ____  ____ 



At least Mr. Ramadoss & I have the integrity to  identify ourselves
and stand by what we think is ethical & honorable.  What type of spineless 
creature stands behind a veil of anonymity and spews  venom
such as yours.

If you had the same integrity and 
courage  to match your venom you might be a great person, not one as you 
exhibit of  weak character
and dubious sanity.

You dwell in the shadows and  probably always will, its' so 
sad and pathetic.

Mr. N. Sri Ram  stated: "
The Higher Your Source of Illumination, The Smaller the Shadow  You Cast, 
Dwell in the Shadowless Light."

Here is to hoping that one  day you find the moral courage to come out of the 

William  Delahunt
Orlando,  Florida.



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