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Jan 28, 2009 09:06 PM
by t_s_theosophist


Reasons For Voluntairly Quitting The Forum 

When the TSA website forum about the results of the Adyar General Convention Meeting  started I was optimistic that at last, here was an opening for transparency & consensus to take place within the TSA, a very good sign. 

However to my disappointment and chagrin I found that is not the case. The forum is being used to polarize the membrship with a definite bias against Adyar and our International President. Many many derogatory remarks and 
unfounded innuendos denegrating Adyar & our International President. I wanted no part of this circus of errors. 

Adyar, The Spiritual Center, and our International President deserve the Respect, Loyalty and Support of every member. 

I want to emphasize that this is not a criticism of Dan Noga himself, the website administrator. He is new and doing a good job under most difficult circumstances. I think that Dan intends to be Fair and Impartial, however he is an employee caught in the hypnosis of administrative "Group-Think." 

I posted the following note on the website this morning to Dan addressing some criticisms he had made about me and explaining my position and reasons I had to quit the forum. 



Dear Dan; 

I have posted my comments in a frank, clear & respectful manner. I have not openly attacked any one. IF my frankness & clarity offend you then it shows a bias on your part. I was starting to believe that you were fair and objective . 

I have been personallly attacked, thats' OK,I don't mind. I have been around a long time and have very thick skin. IF you will re-read my posts carefully you will NOT find one iota of personal attack on any one. I do make pointed and direct replies on issues that are important. 

You will recall that Mr. Keys response was derogatory to the "Bleaters and Discontents." Name Calling? Who threw the first stone? 

Also an objective re-reading of my posts will show no inconsistency, as I have not commented on the different versions of the General Council Meeting so far presented. 

I have raised questions pertinent to both versions. So far the versions of the General Council presented both attack Adyar and our President. 

I do Not believe the objectivity of either version but see them filled with the bias of the respective presenters, this is a natural human bias. 

We need more input and objectivity. Perhaps we will never have an objective view. This is no reason to bias the membership against Adyar and our President. 

We are not progressing, we are just covering up and pretending that nothing important has occured, and attempting to pretend. 

There have been NO substantive replies to direct and simple questions, WHY NOT? 

Do the parties involved in the issue feel uncomortable? 

That is what objective and fair journalism is supposed to uncover. 

WHY cant we get answers to honest inquiries? 

To say, O' Well, and move on does not solve anything, because you are not really moving on. The unanswered questions remain. 

The Trust and Integrity of the Society are at stake. Its' not a simple pollyanna issue than can be covered up and expect everyone to be satisfied with no answers. 

The membership deserves honest and open answers. 

To say " Well, Lets look forward" does not recognize that our original questions have NOT been answered. 

You cannot move forward in Integrity & Honesty with suspicions still unaddressed. 

Lets' Move forward by all means, but lets do it with INTEGRITY and clean consciences. Then TRUE progress will be made. 

For a journalist to become defensive and start banning participants to objective discussion is a bad sign of bias that reveals a deeper intent. 

I had the impression that this was a forum for Fair & Objective discussion but now I see that it is just a list for "groupies" that basically agree with your bias. 

I see that your idea of "Fair Play & Objectivity" are charades to window dress a deeper intent. 

You don't have to bother banning me, Integrity and Fair Play insist that I quit this group voluntairly. I will have no part in denigrating Adyar and our International President. 

I hope that you will have the journalistic integrity to post this my final message here. There are other groups that do not censor honest respectful opposition. 

With Best Fraternal Good Wishes to You. 

William Delahunt
Orlando, Florida 


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