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Jan 28, 2009 03:34 PM
by Concerned Member

Dearest M K Ramadoss and William Delahunt, 

I must say, that you both have become very Adept
at beating a dead horse. You have Mastered the Art of transmuting a recognizable thought form into an indistinguishable pulp. Congratulations, I tip me hat to ye.
What dose it matter if members get a vote, or if the General Secretaries of
their respective sections vote in good faith for their membership? The result
will be the same. India will extend their voting deadline, for whoever is on their side: solicit votes in favor of the incumbant, and after the Phantom
Ballots are counted; are burned; to avoid the gaze of earthly eyes. The physical plane is the only plane one can truly do evil. 

Smoke and Mirrors;
that is Radha and her current administration is, Smoke and Mirrors. They seem
adept at running their little 240 acre compound. The International Section is a much bigger place, not under their thumb. Change is in the wind, YES WE

Notice the We Can. Not the I can do what ever I want in Radha's Mind and imperial autocratic rule. Does she rule with an iron glove? Does she have a flogging rack, where she utters the words, GET OUT somewhere hid in the weeds of Adyar? She and her crones
are reminiscent of the Roman Catholic Church, er, how do the song lyrics go for
Death Cab for Cutie, oh yes, now I remember, under vicious roman rule, I had my
knuckles bruised by a lady in black who said, son, fear is the heart of god, so I never
went back. What happens when the smoke clears? Will the Lords of Karma really
look the other way? Just because Radha and her lot in all their arrogant self righteous glory, rank with
clandestine activities; that smack of subterfuge; because they are currently getting away with it and think they
can does not mean they are exempt from such prying eyes. The Great Law turns
without compassion or remorse; it is as unyielding as the law of gravity. 

that one short sentence SHE UTTERED, the other side is less evolved than my side, Radha has
said that SHE IS BETTER than half of the members of the Theosophical Society,
that is, anyone who voted for John Algeo, or maybe she really means everyone? What do you think? Should we open this up for debate? Is SHE a leader whose example we want to follow? Is HERS an administration we
want to support? Is this something you will let stand? Or will you continue to
beat the dead horse while wearing its blinders, oblivious to the truth,  and deaf to the melancholy song being sung at

BTW - Usually the finger pointers have much to hide, since they do all the
pointing and consistently shift the spotlight away from their own activities. What
skeletons are in your closet I wonder? Are you willing to be as transparent as you urge
everyone else to be? 

An Amused CM

From: MKR <>
Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 12:30:34 AM



In the past several decades, this is the first time that we had reports from
the attendees of the GC meeting. Also, this is one of the recent meetings
where non GC members were allowed to attend. We should thank everyone who
posted reports for their valuable contribution. I think the change is a very
positive development in that it indicates a move towards transparency, which
is going to do a lot of good to TS and theosophy.


As I had indicated in one of my earlier posts, mine is the perspective of an
ordinary member, not having held any national office nor planning to hold
any in the future. This needs to be kept in mind when looking at my opinions
and comments.


All the intense Internet discussions started last year with the events
surrounding nominations for the International President, continued during
the electioneering and many thought that it ended with the election. Alas,
it did not. Soon after the election, all of us woke up and surprised to
learn of a move to change the International Rules disenfranchising members
world-wide and GC taking over election of the president. This shocked
members world-wide for three reasons; first is the disenfranchisement in
removing the voting rights members had over a century and second was seizing
total control of the "election" of the president. The GC members, in
addition to having the monopoly to nominate the candidates and the move was
to monopolize the voting as well; and this would in effect make the
president a puppet of the GC. The third and the most shocking part was that
the move was crafted in super secrecy and even long-time members living and
working in Adyar, Olcott and other National Centers were in total darkness
and had to learn about it from the Internet. So in this background, the
December GC meeting came into strong focus.


For the past half-a-century and more, to the best of my knowledge, every
aspect of the proceedings of the GC has been shrouded in greatest secrecy as
if it is forbidden to be shared with the membership. I am yet to hear a
satisfactory explanation why? TS is not a Secret organization and what
happens in the GC is not Secret. Then why everything about it being treated
as super secret is a great mystery. This is in spite of the warning from
Master K.H. in his 1900 letter that -- MISLEADING SECRECY HAS GIVEN THE

Transparency is the bulwark against any clique trying to initiate actions
detrimental to TS and Theosophy.


Two GC decisions resulting in a tie, with the President casting a vote to
break the tie, are very telling. I think membership should know what were
the issues that led to the ties and who were in the For and Against camps.
Anytime, there is a tie, it shows polarization among the GC members. The
details probably will reveal the underlying disagreement or issue or issues,
and some times reveal real issues no one is willing to or dares to talk
about. In these situations, things unsaid may be more important that what is
openly said. I believe these issues are very important and should not be
left simmering and as they are bound to blow up in our face unexpectedly in


There are comments about legality of the election procedures and the
proceedings of the GC meetings. TS at Adyar, I am sure, like any large
international organization, has access to and use some of the best lawyers
and judges in legal matters to make sure that everything is done lawfully
both in letter and spirit. All those involved in the management in Adyar are
also very dedicated, honest and ethical theosophists one will find anywhere
in the world.

If any GC member has factual legally validated information about violation
of any law, either in the election or in the conduct of GC meetings, it is
their moral and legal responsibility as representatives of the members in
their respective countries, to bring it to the notice of the International
President and the membership in their countries so that the issues can be
addressed transparently. I do not know if any GC member filed any such
complaint. If so, members should hear the details.

Just making allegations with no legal substance, is very unfair and unjust
and does not help the organization or those making the allegations. This is
all the more so, in the present environment where many leaders have lost the
trust of their membership on account of their activities during the last


One of the issues that all of us are familiar with is the membership
growth/decline. In India, during the past decades, there has been a steady
growth. On the other hand, in countries outside India, there is a downward
trend or had no growth. There is also a startling fact that in the Dutch
Section, no new Lodge has been chartered during last 50 years, a world
record. No one seems to have brought membership issue in the GC meeting,
even though this should be the most important issue. One wonders why. Just
ignoring this issue is not going to make the issue go away.

Internet is the tool most use to communicate. All the GC members use it to
communicate between themselves. They are yet to effectively use it to
communicate with their membership. Due to the world-wide nature of Internet,
it provides an unique opportunity for TS to use it to communicate with
members and spread theosophy. TS is definitely lagging behind in effectively
using Internet. I wonder why this was not discussed in the GC meeting.


It looks like what we have been told so far is just crumbs of what happened
in the meeting. Let us keep tuned. I hope there won't be any shocking

M K Ramadoss



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