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Jan 28, 2009 03:00 PM
by Drpsionic

Just because he dwells amongst sheep does not mean he should be so foolish  
as to think everyone else is willing to be sheared.
Chuck the Bleating Heretic
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Dear Ramadoss and All

In all organisations, at some level or  another, personal and 
institutional power politics are at play. This is  the nature 
of the human mindset at this stage of its  evolution.

Where differing perspectives and points of view are  held
therein lies the potential for discord and abuse of power.

What  is disappointing in this current situation is the apparent
lack or even  loss of theosophical principles by many on both 
sides of this  divide.

It seems a win at all cost attitude has prevailed with each  
side apparently believing they are either more right, more 
virtuous,  more deserving or more worthy.

This attitude of certainty is  necessarily arrogant which leads 
to its manifestation through  personalities.

Given the current highly competitive nature of  humanity's 
worldview can we expect anything other than this from leaders  
in power, theosophical or otherwise?

Theosophy offers many  principles as fundamental to its 
philosophy. Paramount amongst these is  Brotherhood.

This principle initially suggests that all is essentially  One. 
>From this we deduce that all is interconnected, interrelated
and  most importantly interdependent.

The nature of interdependence  necessitates all to contribute
positively and harmoniously if Brotherhood  is to be, at the
level of mental and physical manifestation.

As a  democratic organisation, the Adyar Theosophical Society's
leaders have a  moral obligation to ensure full disclosure of all 
matters of importance to  its members, with due consideration 
for tact and diplomacy. 
>From this  mindset, Brotherhood principles of honesty, 
openness and compassionate  consideration for others become 
manifest through  personalities.

Whilst we live by the Darwinian principle of survival of  the 
strongest, where in human terms the most cunning and  politically
manipulative prevail, where power takes precedence over  principle, 
we as collective humanity will never manifest Brotherhood.  

If Brotherhood is a fundamental principle of theosophy, is it 
not  the dharma of all individuals, especially those responsible 
for the  operation of the Adyar Society, to manifest this 
principle rather than  promote the crude practices of power, 
however well  intentioned?


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MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> Bill, your response is  appropriate.
> When one who is a National Secretary and does  not respond to simple
> questions on fundamental issues, one wonders  what else is going on 
> the scenes?
> Coupled  with that, is the telling comment about some theosophists 
>  Brazil who were in Adyar --- "The personal agendas of one or two  
> involved and the connections between them need close  examination. i
> combined with the tie vote, raises the  simple question what other 
> or unspeakable forces or  issues are working behind the scenes.
> So far, none of the  reports from the National Secretaries has 
revealed the
> specific  breakdown of the two camps on either side of the tie vote. 
>  detail is likely to reveal more about the under the surface forces 
at  work.
> When you see possible dissention, disagreement etc., it  is, my 
opinion, a
> sure sign of Dugpas' influence to the detriment  of TS and theosophy 
> unsuspected by members.
>  Don't be surprised by any development not conducive to theosophy 
and  TS,
> since members are still at dark about any other GC members'  
activity that is
> going on behind the scenes. That is why, the  urgency of 
transparency. Just
> put a camera on all the meetings and  hook it up to Internet and we 
all can
> see what is going on and  judge for ourselves.
> M K Ramadoss
>  MKR777_at_GMAIL.  
> On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 7:29 PM,  t_s_theosophist 
>  >
> >
> >
> > ------------ ----
> > You can  view Mr. Keys response:
> > _http://groups.http://grohttp://grouphttp://groupshttp:_ 
>  >
> > ------------ -------- 
> >
> >  With a smug imperial contentedness Warwick Keys "Refuses" to 
engage  in
> > respectful dialogue or answer questions of accountability with  
those whom he
> > refers to as "Discontents &  Bleaters."
> >
> > Such disdain for the intelligence of  ordinary members is 
repugnant to the
> > democratic mindset and  process.
> >
> > I do not mind the pejoratives, I have been  called worse. But I 
have always
> > followed the rules, Level,  Plumb, & Square. I am puzzeled by Mr 
Keys refusal
> > to  answer directly and openly simple questions of integrity and
> >  accountability regarding the genesis of the noted proposals to 
change  the
> > Society.
> >
> > It looks as if this has  all struck a very sensitive nerve, and we 
> > all be on  guard about
> > any leader who would hide beind "imperial privilidge"  and a 
disdain for the
> > protocols of
> > open  democratic dialogue, much less for the respect of ordinary 
>  > members.
> >
> > Mr Keys asks us to "Stop bleating with  uninformed and emotive 
nonsense and
> > open your eyes and ears  to TRUTH. This is my one and only 
> >
> > I  fail to see how a direct probing and inquiry for honest answers 
can  be
> > construed as "uninformed and emotive nonsense" as Mr.Keys puts  it.
> >
> > After all thats EXACTLY what we are attempting  to do is to find 
the actual
> > TRUTH. Of course, you can remain  behind your smug imperial 
perogative, that
> > speaks the TRUTH  more eloquently that any rhetoric you could 
> >
>  > Fraternally;
> >
> > William Delahunt
> >  Orlando, Florida
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