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Re: Theos-World Re: Blog

Jan 27, 2009 12:38 PM
by MKR

It appears that she has commented without fully inquiring of the details of
how decision was taken to allow non GC members to attend the meeting. It may
be the first time in recent years that observers were present and it is a
good sign of transparency and I am very happy about it.

I wish she addressed it first to Betty who was present at the meeting. I am
fully confident that the decision would have been taken with proper legal
help and with proper legal basis. Adyar always had access to and use of  top
legal talent (some time well known Judges) to advise them on all legal
matters, including the GC meeting which is a business meeting. These are
serious legal issues which should be dealt with by lawyers only.

I am also sure if there was any doubt about inconsistent treatment, the
 question should have been openly raised by any GC member in the meeting,
and it would have been satisfactorily answered. Also we have discussed the
transparency issue and how putting a camera will allow access to all
interested members to the proceedings from anywhere in the world. Again TS
is not a secret organization and its proceedings are not secret.

Also I was disappointed to see no mention of the serious membership decline
around the world except in India and time being spent on issues which are
less important than the membership issue - a classic "tail wagging the dog"
syndrome. (I am reminded of the Dutch Section not having chartered a single
new lodge in 50 yrs, a record for all time!)

In Key's post, he made reference to some theosophists from Brazil being
active in Adyar and his concern. It would be very interesting for him to
elaborate on it and educate all of us of his specific concerns so that we
can understand what he is talking about.

M K Ramadoss


On 1/27/09, Erica Letzerich <> wrote:
> DearWilliam and friends,
> Whilereading the blog of the American Section I found the following comment
> involving my name:
> "What special privilege does Erica Georgiades has that she was allowed to
> attend the meeting while non-Council members from Brazil, Australia, and
> Greece
> were not allowed to do the same?"
> To this my reply is: I am a part of the board of the Theosophical Society
> in Greece. An official request of the board of the T.S. in Greece was sent
> to Adyar, requesting the International President to allow me to be present -
> in the meeting of the GC  - as an observer. I was the only member of the
> T.S. in Greece present in the International Convention; there were not any
> other member of the T.S. in Greece present in Adyar during the International
> Convention in 2009. So I don't know what this lady is talking about.
> Erica
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