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Simple Song Of Freedom

Jan 27, 2009 01:38 AM
by Martin

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The Noble 8fold Path has more to say about human Motif:

2. Right Intention
   While right view refers to the cognitive aspect of wisdom, right intention refers to the volitional aspect, i.e. the
    kind of mental energy that controls our actions. Right intention can be described best as commitment to ethical
    and mental self-improvement. Buddha distinguishes three types of right intentions: 1. the intention of renunciation, which
    means resistance to the pull of desire, 2. the intention of good will, meaning resistance to feelings of anger and aversion,
    and 3. the intention of harmlessness, meaning not to think or act cruelly, violently, or aggressively, and to develop
We the children want no war.....The word 'war' comes from the basic: 'word', in old German 'wehr', in Dutch 'weer' ( 'wore' in English) from which the Dutch derive 'werkelijkheid', Wirklichkeit in German, reality in English. A werkelijkheid is a loka being a mirror of Truth ( a mirror, there are infinite mirrors ) where people work: they try clean the mirror of dirt or matter; they work, they are at war with matter. They try to understand that in the end it doesn't matter what matter we work in since all is a matter of reality, reality comes from real or royal and -ity means state or quality, so the royalstate or quality of the  'world'.A 'world' therefore is a place where beings are at war untill they understand, understate, they are not in control of themselves untill they stop fighting eachother but to fight their war in gain more light from within, to practise the Virtues ( ) and most of all to be unconditional, to
 be Natural.Resistance to the pull of desire is another explanation of 'war' as is resistance to feelings of anger and aversion and the developement ( unwrapping ) of the One-self, unseperated from the One in All.
Please feel free to add to or correct my thoughts here :-)



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