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Re: Theos-World Can we see Obama as Hitler in Mass Psychosis.

Jan 24, 2009 05:58 AM
by adelasie

Hi Chriastina,
> And Adalasie you pretends that I always post such titles.

I apologize if I gave you the impression that I think you always post 
without attributing your statements, if they are not yours 
originally. I did not mean to suggest that at all. I don't always 
read every post on the list. It was the heading including Obama and 
Hitler that made me read that one. I am very glad to learn that it 
was not written by a member of the list. It is important, however, 
for the sake of clarity if for no other reason,  to remember to give 
the information about who wrote the things we post. 
> Otherway are we of this world or another?
> As I read you, you want stay hanging in old fashioned 1000 times
> repeated orders we already know.And every theosophist or comming ones
> read prospects,books and so on.

It may seem old fashioned to keep on repeating the same old things, 
but I wonder if we are all so advanced that we are manifesting 
forgiveness, compassion, non-judgementalism, altruism, love, and the 
consciousness of the unity of all life in our daily lives? Until we 
all could answer yes to that question, there is good reason to remind 
ourselves over and over, daily and hourly, of why we are here and 
what is the work we are here to do. The human race will make no 
progress whatever on the path of the evolution of consciousness until 
each unit can find within its own heart the truth that all life is 
one and can behave accordingly.
> As HPB said: "we need to think for ourselves" and not for others or
> new ones ; realy they can think for themselves, but you not as I see.

I support your right to have an opinion and to post accordingly to 
the list, or to express it anywhere. But on this list, devoted to the 
study of theosophy, a subject dear to my heart, if you post something 
that I think is misleading, I will attempt to post an alternative 
view. This is not telling anyone what to think, but it will provide 
different aspects of the one eternal truth for all to consider if 
they so desire. 



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