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1. Maya . 2.Re: Theos-World Re: Our latest news: America run on guns!!!

Jan 22, 2009 12:22 PM
by Jayananda Hiranandani

The root of word maya, is ma (a is long as in father). It means measure, which makes it finite. In Sindhi, (an Indo-Aryan language with many Sanskrit words, perhaps 70 per cent), the word for measure is mapa (first a is long as in father, the second is short as in final).
Jayananda H. Hiranandani

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From: christinaleestemaker <>
Subject: Theos-World Re: Our latest news: America run on guns!!!
Date: Thursday, January 22, 2009, 10:59 AM

Mistake need to read for infinite -- FINITE=Maya

Infinite is NOT

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> Don't worry Adalasie and others.
> All what is infinite is MAYA.
> But I am glad I don't live in America. ( 70 % of the Americans 
> bought a gun (nov-dec and jan) accept the ones already have one.
> I don't think they use it for hunting on hares!
> PS Here it is forbidden to have a gun, only policeman may have and 
> only use in vital threat
> Christina



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