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Re: Theos-World Can we see democracy as a Mass Psychosis.

Jan 22, 2009 05:37 AM
by Brown Rose

--- On Wed, 1/21/09, Morten Nymann Olesen <> wrote:
<<"Abolish the Courts themselves, for if you would follow the Commandments of Christ, you have to give away your coat to him who deprives you of your cloak, and turn your left cheek to the bully who smites you on the right.">>
***I confess that this statement may be accurate, and a truth too hard too face, not just by some, but by All of us mortals. From truths like these we hide and create environments were that Light is dimmer, so that we won´t have to face our weaknessess. Under the Light´s intensity, things are exposed and revealed for what they really are.
And We´re on our way to face Truth. We just have to learn how to deal with one at a time, before we can face the Whole Picture. It takes time.


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