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TS - General Council Meeting Minutes

Jan 21, 2009 07:39 PM
by MKR

Has anyone here seen any of the Minutes of the TS General Council Meetings?
I have not seen a single one in my life, until today, courtesy of Internet.
Even that is 80 yrs old; yes 80 years old. Annie Besant was then the
President. It is from the year 1927. It was very interesting to read.

It is amazing why all these years, members have not been kept uptodate of
the decisions of the GC. The National Secretaries/Presidents are members of
GC and they represent the members of their respective countries. I think
that it is the duty of the representatives to keep their membership fully
informed. Why they have not done so, is beyond our comprehension.

>From the viewpoint of ordinary dues-paying members, one gets the feeling
that everything relating to the GC is treated as top secret by its members.
TS is not a secret organization. GC's proceedings are not secret. Why is
then the secrecy? Leaders should give very simple explanation about this to
dues paying members.

Looking at all the recent exchanges of messages and communications one is
amazed about what is going on. Until a couple of days back, we did not even
know who are the members of GC in addition to the ex-officio members by
virtue of they being the National Secretaries/Presidents.

If anyone has access to the Minutes of prior years, please let us know.
Especially, the recent ones. The issues considered, proposers, supporters
and opposers will say a lot about what went on.

Let us remember the 1900 Letter (warning) from Master KH:

+++Misleading secrecy has given the death blow to numerous organizations.+++



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