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Re: Theos-World Mini Black Holes - For Leon

Jan 21, 2009 04:55 PM
by Cass Silva

Thanks Leon - I feel SO GOOD when I get it right!

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Subject: Re: Theos-World Mini Black Holes - For Leon
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On Jan 19, 2009, at 1/19/095:22 PM, Cass Silva wrote:

> So the seat of the soul sits in a black hole which is in a state of 
> continual spin - as Christopher Holmes says
> 'the nature of black holes - when matter and energy collapses down 
> into a black hole they now think information pours out of the black 
> hole in order to maintain what is called the generalised law of 
> entropy - and that a mini black hole can process huge amounts of 
> information, likeso the higher self - a sort of action at a 
> distance as HPB says? So when we are in a sentient body are we 
> analgous to the periphery of a black hole? So after every life 
> does all the information we gained get stored in our personal black 
> hole ?
> Cass

That's just the way it is. The "spinergy" surrounding the zero-point 
center of origin (higher self) of our spiritual (triune monadic) 
field -- which remains intact through all our lives, past, present 
and future -- contains all the accumulated memories of those lives.

This zero-point of consciousness, coupled with the monadic field, is 
our soul -- which contains our higher buddhi and manas fields within 
our spiritual field... The center of which (our self consciousness) 
is in our naval chakra, and analogously reflected in our heart chakra 
(as the center of our physical-electrical energy fields.) See: 
http://leonmaurer. info/ABCimages/ Chakrafielddiag- fig.col.jpg

And, yes, that spinergy, at the center of our eternal soul, is like 
the "event barrier" of a black hole.

So, apparently, after each lifetime the new information gained is 
stored in that same "spinergg" source... Which is a part of the 
Akasha field within the cosmic black hole of the total aether space 
(central sun) containing the information of the entire physical 
universe at the fourth lowest level of the overall cosmos (at its 
third logos). See: http://leonmaurer. info/ABCimages/ Chakrafield- 
spherical-col_ 3.jpg Note the four planes through which all globes 
and root races analogously and correspondingly make their seven 
rounds (as illustrated in Vol. 1, Page 242 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.). 
http://www.theosoci /sd/sd1-1- 12.htm

Leon Maurer
http://canonizer. com/topic. asp/23/13

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> From: Leon Maurer <leonmaurer@aol. com>
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> Subject: Re: Theos-World Mini Black Holes - For Leon
> On Jan 17, 2009, at 1/17/0911:44 PM, Cass Silva wrote:
>> Hi Leon
>> Blavasky talks about 7 holes in space - String Theory says that
>> there are 7 dimensions compacted- Blavatsky says that the zero
>> point enfolds into seven laya centres - 7 holes dug in space - 7
>> mini black holes - the seven laya centres being mini black holes on
>> the seven planes throughout the universe invisble to us but a fact
>> in hyper space. So, if as above so below - is our zero point of
>> consciousness - which has been differentiated into seven laya
>> centres (From The Atmic to the Physical) there lies a black hole? -
>> what I am trying to ask is that as the universe has 7 holes dug in
>> space - what we call a our own 7 zero points could be 7 mini black
>> holes?
> Why not? Every zero-point at the center of any physical form
> (looking from the inside out) must have a series of seven fold
> hyperspherical (toroidal) fields radiating outward from its spin
> momentum or "spinergy" -- which is at near infinite mass ... Just
> like in the center of a cosmic black-hole (collapsed star) or the
> origin of a Galaxy, star, planet, human, cell, quantum particle etc.
> The seven supposedly compacted dimensions of string theory are the
> ZPE fields in the Planck space (1.6162 Ã 10-35 m) that underlies the
> physical quantum particles. And the seven cosmic laya points and
> their surrounding fields are analogous and corresponding to the
> fractal involved configuration of the hyoerspace fields within and
> surrounding every macrocosmic and microcosmic form in the universe.
> This was how HPB described the holographic nature of the cosmos --
> that some recent holographic paradigm theories based on David Bohm
> (who taught physics to both krishamurti and the Dalai Lama) and his
> theory of the implicate and explicate order -- is now getting very
> close to fulfilling HPB's prophesy. It also is one of the scientific
> predictions of the ABC fractal geometric and elecrodynamic field
> version of HPB's metaphysics. To visualize how the laya points or
> chakra centers and their spherical fields correspond analogously on
> all levels of cosmic and physical space see the following 
> illustrations:
> Cosmic fields:
> http://leonmaurer. info/ABCimages/ Chakrafield- spherical- col_3.jpg
> Human fields:
> http://leonmaurer. info/ABCimages/ Chakrafielddiag- fig.col.jpg
> Light photon fields:
> http://leonmaurer. info/ABCimages/ PhotonField. gif
>> Cass
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