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TS - Live streaming on Internet

Jan 19, 2009 02:12 PM
by MKR

Internet Live streaming of the presidential inauguration is planned by
several news outfits both national and international. This allows anyone
anywhere in the world with (fast) Internet Connection to watch the
inauguration and associated functions live, for the first time in history.
 Internet is getting closely integrated with day to day activities and
events around the world.

I think TS can learn some valuable lessons from the live coverage. We can
have all important lectures around the world, broadcast live and also all
meetings covered live. All this can be done with minimal equipment and of
course an Internet connection. Some sections such as the USA, already has
the necessary equipment.

In the business and organizational side of TS, it was operating with little
transparency and members were taken for granted and nothing of the important
(business) meetings (especially the GC meetings) were told to the
membership. Members were patient and silent and did not care to ask their
leaders. And of course, Internet changed all of it.

The pitfalls of such non-transparent operation became apparent with the
electioneering which surprised and shocked many members. The real bombshell
subsequently came with the secret attempt to quickly disenfranchise members
and concentrate the power of nomination and selection/election of the
president in the hands of a handful of GC members.

Discovery of this and dissemination of the information on Internet and
following discussions on it, activated membership interest on these issues
and now members are keenly waiting to hear from their leaders details of
what issues were discussed and what decisions were taken, along with some
background information. Responses from the GC members is trickling in. All
we have heard are two reports and members are waiting for the rest.


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