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TS - Internet Discussions

Jan 19, 2009 08:47 AM
by MKR

Recently, one of our well-wishers, raised the simple question whether all
the effort put in by many into the Internet discussions has been helpful to
move TS forward. My answer is YES. Here is the reply (slightly edited) I


We do not realize how much Internet discussions during the last year has
helped to wake up the membership from their indifference to what is going
on. The maillists and other forums and the Anton's website played a key
role, mainly because of they are outside the control of organizations and
hence the bureacrats could not censor them.

I also feel that it has brought to the attention of the members world-wide,
the need for transparency and this is bound to have its effect on shining
bright light on the actions of everyone. I am now firmly convinced of the
deep implications of Master KH's one-line statement (in the 1900 letter)
about the danger of unnecessary secrecy which was not understood all these
years and no one, to my knowledge has discussed the deep implications of
this statement to TS.

Too long, TS ignored Internet as a tool to interact with members and I think
after all the discussions during past year, it has sunk into atleast some,
that Internet can no longer be ignored and has to adapt to use it and use it

Let me add, that the Inner Government is definitely behind the development
of Internet, because no one saw it coming and it opened up a new era similar
to what printing did to the world.

So let us all use Internet to join together and speak up without fear or
favor on all issues that are fundamental to the welfare of TS and spread of


Let us all keep tuned for more interesting developments.




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