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Jan 19, 2009 07:00 AM
by christinaleestemaker

Welcome to the Expo

Welcome to the 2009 Conscious Life Expo. We are delighted and honored 
to present an awesome lineup of world-class speakers and leaders for 
this year's Expo. From Sacred Mysteries to the Soul of America to New 
Frequencies in Healing, what all these amazing workshops have in 
common is an alternative world view that is progressive, even radical 
and at the same time compassionate and inspiring. We love it.

The Exhibit Hall is filled with 160 vendors selected for their 
cutting edge products and services. The Free Lectures run 
continuously in 4 rooms for 3 days. The Post Conference events on 
Monday (President's Day) follow up on the weekend's Seminars and 
Workshops. There are two major Musical Productions, a Film Festival, 
a Singles Mixer, two Business Symposiums and a Valentine's Day 
Workshop series. Get your tickets early as many of the events will 
sell out.

Welcome to the party!
  	Conference Hours 	Exhibit Hall Hours
Friday, February 13: 	1 pm ?10 pm 	3 pm ? 9 pm
Saturday February 14: 	9 am ? 10 pm 	10 am ? 9 pm
Sunday, February 15: 	9 am ? 8 pm 	10 am ? 8 pm
Monday, February 16 	Post-Conference: 10 am ? 11 pm

February 13 - 16, 2009

LAX Hilton

Keynote Speaker
	David Icke

David Icke

Awakening to Infinity

8 - 10 pm, Saturday, February 14, Plaza
Click here to purchase Workshop Ticket

A Day Pass is required to attend all workshops.

See David Icke's Post-Conference Seminar

David Icke has become famous all over the world for his revelations 
about the global conspiracy and the nature of reality, but what is 
less known is his personal and extraordinary journey of awakening. It 
began with a meeting with a psychic in 1990 and continued with 
amazing experiences in Peru and mass ridicule in Britain on a scale 
that few have endured after he left his job as a national TV 
presenter with the BBC in 1990 to talk about what he called the 
`Truth Vibrations' ? the coming awakening of the human heart and 
mind. Almost 20 years later that awakening is clearly happening and 
David's own personal journey is continuing as he goes through 
transformation after transformation to higher levels of awareness.

As he says: `If I know today only what I knew yesterday, then what 
have I been doing?'

In this workshop David will share his own journey and his continuing 
experience of the consciousness shift to help people understand their 
own awakening to infinity. It is not so frightening or bewildering 
when someone who has been there, and is still there, explains the 
process from his own direct experience. No need to fear the shift 
when you understand the process ? just enjoy the ride!

David Icke was born in Leicester, England in 1952 and went on to 
become a professional soccer player, journalist, television presenter 
and Green Party national spokesman. Then after a massive `spiritual 
awakening' in 1990 and '91, which happened amid enormous publicity 
and national ridicule, he went on his incredible journey to uncover 
who really controls the world and the nature of reality itself. He is 
the author of a stream of books and DVDs and travels the world to 
circulate the information that the authorities wish to suppress.

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